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An Alt, a DIPA, a Smoked Porter

I’m still trying to drink through my ever expanding beer collection so that I can actually use part of the shelf in my fridge, but I keep buying more.  I’ve decided that as long as I’m drinking more beer per week than I buy per week, I’m good.  Tonight, I had 3 beers.

I started with Victory’s 10 Years Alt.  It’s, obviously, an altbier.  Very few American breweries make these (in fact, the only ones that come to mind are Long Trail and Tuckerman).  This one was originally brewed for their 10th anniversary (hence the name, which is a play on words as “alt” means “old” in German).  It pours a nice dark amber color with a small head.  It immediately smelled of nice piney hops and sweet malts.  The taste is hops up front and malt down in back.  The malt profile becomes more pronounced as the beer warms.  It’s a tasty one.  I think I actually found an American altbier that I like better than Double Bag.  Unfortunately, I can’t get this one anymore.

I then moved on to Speakeasy Double Daddy.  It’s a double IPA.  I think I wrote about Speakeasy once before and mentioned that they had only 2 beers worth buying, this one and the amber ale.  This one was really nice.  I had a mix of different hops.  There was some grapefruit flavor mixed in with some piny hops with just enough malt to give it balance without detracting from the hops.  It was a nice solid DIPA.

The last beer I had was Rock Art’s Midnight Madness Smoked Porter.  I don’t remember if I wrote about this one yet.  It’s a very smoky porter with just enough roasted malts to give it a nice flavor.  This would be great paired with Vermont cheddar or some smoky meats.

Speakeasy Prohibition Ale

Last night I had a bottle of Speakeasy’s Prohibition Ale.  Speakeasy is a new brewery for RI.  The Prohibition Ale is described as a hoppy amber ale, which is exactly what it was.

The beer pours a dark amber brown color with a moderate head.  Smells immediately of grapefruit and piny hops.  The taste is mostly hops.  I’m surprised it’s not an IPA, but it’s too dark and there is a nice caramel malt sweetness to it.  The hops are very dominant though.  I really enjoyed it.  It had a nice mouthfeel and was very drinkable.  The problem, however, is the price.  The single bottle was priced at $2.19.  I’ve had better beers for less than that.  I realize they’re a small brewery and it came from San Francisco and there’s a hops shortage, but most of their other beers (which we had at Nikki’s last week) weren’t that good.  This one and their double IPA were the only ones worth purchasing.  This one was worth trying as I did really enjoy it, but I’d like to see it at the price of Left Hand or Great Divide, $1.79-1.99 per bottle.