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Southampton 10th Anniversary Old Ale

Last night, I decided to pop open my bottle of Southampton’s 10th Anniversary Old Ale.  This was brewed in 2006 to, obviously, celebrate their 10th anniversary.  The beer was aged some when I bought it, and then it has aged in my cellar the rest of the time.  It’s 2 years old now.

The beer pours a nice brown with hints of red.  It’s a little more carbonated than most old ales, but not overly so.  There was very little head in the pour.  It smells of dark fruits, some sweet malts, some caramel, and a hint of toffee.  The flavor was much the same.  There was a slight hint of alcohol, a nice fruity sweetness mixed with caramel.  The flavor was nice and smooth.  Unfortunately, the carbonation took a little from the overall enjoyment, but the beer itself was still really tasty.  The body was slightly lacking, though it was a nice medium bodied beer.  If I could still find it, I’d probably buy more.  This was a tasty beer.

Unfortunately, I never got to try this one fresh, but it was still worth trying.  I can’t tell how much longer it has, but it could probably last another year or so to let some of that carbonation fizz out and the rest of the alcohol mellow.  However, it’s drinking pretty nice right now.