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First Try of Local Canadian Beer

I’m in New Brunswick at the University of New Brunswick for the next few days for ResNet 2008.  After arriving, which was an interesting trip through customs and on a tiny 18 seat plane with propellers, I went out to dinner with some people (at 10pm, though it was really 9pm my time).  We ended up at this bar and I just told the waiter to give me something local and good.  He goes “Picaroons is good, which do you want?” and listed off the various beers they have.  I told him to pick.  He came back with their Best Bitter, what BA calls an American Pale Ale, but what I understood (and after seeing, smelling, and tasting it) to be an ESB.  It was an absolutely fantastic beer, and it’s brewed right here in Fredericton, NB, making it very local.  I’ll have to check out more of the local beer and see about bringing some home with me.  Mike from Nikki’s wanted me to try to come back with Péché Mortel.  We’ll see if I can find that.  The town is at the bottom of a big hill, so it’s quite a walk if I’m carrying beer.  Hopefully, I’ll hook up with someone that drove or rented a car and I can get in and out of town much easier.  We’ll see though.

Anyway, the bar we were at was the Lunar Rogue.  The food was also good (we all got the fish and chips because they were on a limited late night menu).  And I just looked it up and it’s the top rated beer bar in Fredericton.  Go figure.  No wonder it was packed.