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While they are not local to RI, they are sorta local.  The McLovins, a young band from Hartford, have arrived on the scene (a big thank you to the Magic Hat blog for introducing me to them).  They’re a jam/funk/jazz/fusion band.  I know what you’re thinking… those types of bands are a dime a dozen.  Well, this one’s worth a dozen dimes (maybe even more).

They have a bunch of videos up on YouTube, including some Phish covers, a Grateful Dead cover, a bunch of other covers, and a bunch of originals.  Here’s an original called “Purple Trees”:

I have no idea how old these kids are, but they can’t be out of high school yet.  I wouldn’t put them older than 14 or 15.  They’re very talented musicians.  If they work on their song writing skills a bit, they can be a serious player in the local and regional circuit, along the lines of The Breakfast.  These kids can jam.  The only thing I’d love to see is filling out their sound with a keyboardist, though it’s not necessary.  They give their Phish covers a nice personal touch, while keeping with the spirit of the music.  Here’s “Harry Hood” as an example:

If you get the chance to check them out live, or have seen them live, please post a review in the comments (or link to it).  I’d love to hear how they are live (aside from watching their videos on YouTube).  And if you know the band, please tell them to come play Providence (not some bar in South County, like Ocean Mist).  We’ve got a large jamband fan population here.

Check them out on the web: MySpace  Facebook  YouTube