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Magic Hat Blind Faith

Magic Hat is one of those breweries that craft beer lovers love to hate on. I can’t figure out why other than that they don’t like some of their more mainstream beers. You know what? Forget those people. Ignore those people. Magic Hat is a talented, if a bit quirky, brewery. One need not go further than the brewery to see for themselves. While the majority of their beers may not be the best of the best, they are, at the very least, unique.

Craft beer lovers rejoiced when they announced the return of their IPA, Blind Faith. This beer is an excellent example of just how talented the brewers at Magic Hat are. It’s an excellent IPA that I would stack up against some of the most popular (be warned: it’s not “west coast style”, but an IPA doesn’t need to be to be excellent). It’s a very balanced, yet hop-forward beer. It’s closer to an amber ale in color, with a nice body that neither too thin nor too thick.

Anyway, I suggest everyone who likes good beer try this one. It’s not mind blowing or life changing, but it’s definitely an excellent solid IPA. And stop hating on Magic Hat. While I agree with most people that they need to stop discontinuing some of their best beer (Blind Faith, Jinx, Fat Angel, etc.), I disagree that they’re not a good brewery. They’ve been churning out #9 for quite some time and people still love it, even if it’s not a particular favorite of mine. Give Blind Faith a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Stone Kickoff… Great night!

So, as I posted earlier today, Stone kicked off their distribution in RI tonight at Track 84. I went. I drank… a lot. OK, so I only had 4 beers… but they were strong beers. I started with the IPA and moved on to the 11th Anniversary Ale. After that, I had the Double Bastard and then I finished the night off with the Ruination IPA. Now I’m sitting here drinking water… I’m really pretty damn drunk. Stone beer is strong. Anyways, the IPA is a nice easy-drinking IPA. It doesn’t have a strong aftertaste like most IPA’s. It poured crystal clear from the tap and had a nice citrusy hops taste to it, again with little aftertaste. It was excellent. The next beer I had was the 11th Anniversary Ale, which I tasted last Friday at Nikki’s. I should have tried this before the IPA because I think I killed my taste buds. I got all the hops flavor, but little of the roasted flavors that I got on Friday. Then I had the Double Bastard Ale, which was my favorite beer of the night. I don’t recall many of the flavors, but I do know it was really freaking good. Finally, the Ruination Double IPA, which was an excellent balanced Double IPA.

It was a really fun night. Met and hung out with some people I’ve seen and talked with at tastings at Nikki’s. I’m sure I’ll see them at Nikki’s on Friday at the Stone tasting. The only beer I didn’t get that I wanted was the Arrogant Bastard, but I’ll try that on Friday. Susan got the Smoke Porter which was a really good porter.

Well, since I’m pretty drunk and have very little feeling in my body, I’m gonna end this here. Have a good night and maybe I’ll see you at Nikki’s on Friday.

A great night of music (Jimmy Buffett Review)

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to see Jimmy Buffett tonight at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. I learned last week that Toots and the Maytals would be opening for him. Susan and I decided we’d tailgate and make a whole afternoon/evening/night of it. We made burgers to bring with us, along with our grill and I brought some of the Flying Dog beer I bought yesterday. I’ll start with the beer because that’s how the night started… Continue reading A great night of music (Jimmy Buffett Review)

2 Beers You Should Try…

I like beer, as can be seen by some of my previous posts and by the tagline of this blog. I am lucky to have Nikki’s Liquors nearby to fill my craft beer needs. I recently picked up 2 mix-a-6’s from Nikki’s with a bunch of beers I haven’t tried (and a couple favorites). I’m going to write about 2 of them. If you can find these beers at a package store nearby, you should try them. One is widely available, the other, I’m not so sure.

Anchor Porter, pretty widely available, is perhaps the best porter I have tried. It’s nicely carbonated, thick black, and all roasted malt with a slight bitterness to it. It’s about as perfectly porter as you can get before it becomes a stout. The only other porter I’ve had that was this good was Smuttynose’s Robust Porter. It’s very similar in flavor and thickness, with less carbonation. Both are amazing porters, both are a must try.

Oskar Blues Old Chub is an awesome Scottish style ale. It has a very carmel-y malty roasted chocolate flavor to it. It almost tastes like it was aged in oak barrels as it has that nice oak/whiskey flavor to it. I’ve had only a couple Scottish ales previously (from Sam Adams and Trinity Brewhouse). I’ve liked all that I’ve tried and this one was definitely the best of the 3. If you can find it, buy some. Don’t be put off by the can that it comes in. Cans do not equate to macro piss beer. In this case, it equates to a nice tastey powerful brew. At 8% abv, this isn’t for the lightweights (though one wouldn’t hurt…).

As I go through the rest of the beers in the mix, I’ll write more about them. Just for reference, the first 2 before these 2 were New England Brewing’s Sea Hag IPA, which also came in a can and, while good, was just your average IPA, and Victory’s HopDevil Ale, which is one of my favorite IPA’s (second only to Great Divide’s Titan IPA with Haverhill Brewery’s Leatherlips IPA coming in at a very very close third). Needless to say, my favorite style is the almighty IPA. Yes, I am a hophead.