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RIP George Carlin

I’m not normally a fan of stand up comedy.  In fact, most of it bores me.  One man, however, got me laughing like no other… George Carlin.  I’m not going to write a whole lot.  I don’t know a lot about the guy.  I saw him live once at the Oakdale Theatre (it’s now got some stupid corporate name like all the venues) in Wallingford, CT.  My mother sneaked into one of his shows at Jorgenson Auditorium at UConn.  I guess that says a lot.  He opened the show I saw with the following line and it has stuck ever since.

You know what you never hear women talk about anymore?  Their vaginas.

Now, I’m not normally that crass (though as anyone who knows me can tell you, I can be crass), but that line set the stage for the rest of the night of non-stop laughter.  Anyway, Time has a great piece on him.  Read it.  And ladies… show some respect and start talking about your vaginas again.