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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Over the weekend, I picked up Super Smash Bros. Brawl for my Nintendo Wii.  I have to say that this game has some serious potential.  It’s not as easy to pick up and play like fighting games I’ve been used to in the past (like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter), but it’s a fun game.  The cool thing about this is it’s the first Wii game I have that I can play over the internet.

The game has a few modes.  You can play single player tournament style, a single player adventure game (which I have yet to try), multi player with up to 4 players, or Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi let’s you play over the internet.  You get a friend code and can connect to play with your friends or you can play over the internet with other people.  Since I only know 2 others with the game, I played a couple matches over the internet with random people.  Let me say that I suck.  I need to spend some time playing with all the characters and learning their various strengths and weaknesses.

The controls are nothing special and don’t really use any of what makes the Wii special, but that doesn’t make it a bad game.  I have been playing using the remote and nunchuk.  I wish the game used more of the “Wii controls”, like shaking the remote or nunchuk to do something, but you just press buttons, using the control stick on the nunchuck to move your character.  It’s not a 3D game, so you only move side to side and can jump up and down, which makes sense.  It might be easier to play using the Game Cube controller or the Classic Controller for the Wii.  I’ll continue to play and get used to the controls, but man, my hands hurt after playing for a while.


Since I’ve gotten a couple comments patiently waiting for my post on my Nintendo Wii and the new games I just got, here it goes…

I got a Wii last January on a very cold (about 14 degrees) Sunday morning. I stood in line outside a Target for about 30-45 minutes until a store employee came out and gave us all numbers (in order of our line) so we could wait in our cars until the store opened at 7am (I got there around 6). I got my Wii that day, but couldn’t get another remote as they were all out. For kicks, I drove by the Best Buy next door, which wasn’t opening until 9 or 10 and told the people (about 10 of them) waiting that Target had about 50 Wiis and there were only about 25-30 people in line. They didn’t want to lose their spot, so they continued to wait another 2-3 hours for Best Buy to open.

I love my Wii. It’s the first video game console I’ve owned since my Sega Genesis (2nd Generation, smaller form factor). Before that I had an original Nintendo Entertainment System and an Atari 2600 (that was actually my father’s purchase when I was very very young). Susan loves it and she isn’t big on video games. Obviously, I have Wii Sports, which comes with it. I love it and have gotten quite good at tennis. I need to start playing the other ones more often and increase my level on those.

We purchased Rayman Raving Rabbids shortly after we got the Wii. Susan loved the game at my brother’s and really wanted it. We both just beat it a week or 2 ago. It’s a ton of fun and still fun even after you beat it, playing the minigames. For Christmas, my mother gave Susan Rayman 2. It’s a bit different, but it’s still a ton of fun. I recommend both of them to anyone just getting a Wii.

I was given The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess for Christmas before I got my Wii. I played it for a while, but have grown bored with it. It’s a lot of the same thing over and over again. Eventually, I’ll pick it up and beat it, but I have since received Super Mario Galaxy, another adventure game that’s a whole lot more fun and nowhere near as repetitive as Zelda. If you like adventure games, I highly recommend Super Mario Galaxy. It’s a top notch game and a ton of fun without being overly complicated (there were too many secret moves and stuff in Zelda).

I had bought WarioWare Smooth Moves at one point to have a game to play with Susan when she came home for her spring break last year. It’s a great party game and the minigames in it are just completely wacky. This is the one game that uses the remote and nunchuck for everything they can do.

Finally, to purchase a third remote, I decided to buy WiiPlay, which comes with a remote. It’s a collection of minigames that’s kinda fun when you’re bored. I haven’t played a whole lot of them, but they’re neat.

My brother, who got his Wii before Christmas in 2006, has a couple other games that I found really fun. Mario Party 8, a board game, is a pretty fun party game. Some of it’s kind of boring and lame, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless. Excite Truck is a game we rented a while ago that my brother bought. It’s a ton of fun, though I was hoping it’d be like Excite Bike (for NES) which allowed you to build your own course. Regardless, it’s a fun and challenging racing game. Finally, the last time we were there, he had Big Brain Academy, which he rented. While it sounds like it might be boring, it was actually quite fun and very challenging. It’s a bunch of “tests” that you race with someone else (at least in the mode we were playing). It really makes you think, but you have to be able to think on your toes. It’s a great game to keep your brain active.

And I can’t have a post about the Wii without mentioning the one game that I can’t wait to get. Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be released on February 10 (at least that’s what they’re saying right now). I can’t wait for it to be released as it’s supposed to allow for online play. I also want Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, which looks like a lot of fun. And Wii Fit was announced a while back looks really cool and should help with the weight loss.

Sony Announces New, Cheaper PS3… but they still don’t get it

Sony announced a new model of the Playstation 3 today that will be cheaper.  They recently reduced the price of the model with an 80 GB hard drive to $499 from $599, basically eliminating the 60 GB model which cost $499.  The new model will have a 40 GB hard drive and sell for $399.  The big difference, though, is that the new model will not be backwards compatible with Playstation 2 games.  Sony’s reasoning is that there will be an extensive line of games for the PS3.

While Sony is trying to boost their sales with cheaper models, they just aren’t getting it and will not overcome or come close to the sales of Nintendo’s Wii or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  If they were planning on releasing a model to sell for $399, they should have just lowered the price of the 60 GB model rather than introduce something completely new that’s “broken” out of the box.  The price difference between a 40 GB and a 60 GB hard drive is negligible in this case and the backwards compatibility is based mainly on software, which they already have written.  So why break it?  If someone wants a new Playstation and wants the ability to play both PS2 and PS3 games, they would either need to purchase the more expensive model of the PS3 or own both a PS3 and a PS2.  I just don’t see the point in selling this new model when they already had the 60 GB model that could do everything the 80 GB could for $100 less.

I have been boycotting Sony products for some time now because of the copy protection on their CD’s that installed a rootkit on your computer when you tried to play it.  Now I am continuing the boycott simply because Sony is just making stupid decisions and obviously doesn’t like their customers.