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Phish 3D Review

I just got back from the theatre where I saw Phish 3D. Rather than wait until I lose my thoughts, I figured now would be a great time to write the review having just discussed what I liked and disliked about it with Susan, who reluctantly went with me.

For those of you who don’t know, Phish 3D is a 3D movie that was filmed at Festival 8 in Indio, CA. The three day festival was held over Halloween weekend and included eight sets of music. On Halloween night, the band played the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street in its entirety. And on the final day, they played a full acoustic set.

To make this easy, I’ll use bullet points with explanations of what I liked and didn’t like, along with a letter grade.

  • Song selection (B-): There were some good point and some bad points, but overall it was decent. I think they should have shown more from the Exile set. After all, that was the focal point of the festival. Only choosing four songs from that set was a little weak, though the song selections were good. I would have liked to hear more of the “raunchy” songs. I would have liked to have seen more from the acoustic set, though I thought the song selections from that set were just fine. It would have been nice to see McGrupp and hear Trey tell everyone to sit down on the nice soft grass. Finally, the songs from the other sets could have been better. My biggest complaint is that they didn’t show Party Time. The song kicked off the first set of the festival and set the tone for the whole weekend. It was a big party. I would have liked to have seen Fluffhead and You Enjoy Myself. Both songs were high points with fun from the fire towers in the back of the concert field. The only easy going songs they showed were from the acoustic set. It would have been nice to see Joy or When the Circus Comes.
  • Song order (C): I don’t know why they couldn’t play the songs in the order that they were played at the festival, starting with the first night and ending with the last. I know it worked out best showing a set opener first, but, again, why wasn’t the first song Party Time? Instead, they started with songs from the last night. They showed the acoustic set before the Halloween set. I imagine that was to put some of the higher points of the movie towards the end, but that goes into the whole song selection. They could have picked more upbeat rockers from the acoustic set.
  • Views (C+): While I really liked seeing the stage, I would have liked to have seen more of the audience, especially on Halloween night. Part of what would have made this movie great would have been seeing glowsticks and balloons flying at your head, just like you’re there. It would have been nice to see more views out from the stage as well. They also showed way too much of Trey and Mike finger work on their guitars during the acoustic set. Why this set in particular you ask? Because they were sitting down with their legs spread and the guitars resting on their thighs. What am I getting at? Crotch shots. There were WAY too many of them. One of the parts I really enjoyed seeing was Fishman playing the drums. He’s the one guy who is hard to see from the audience because he’s surrounded by tall equipment and he’s not a really tall guy. It was fun watching him get into it. The last thing that I have a complaint about is the lights. The lights are one of the best things about a Phish show. I don’t know if it was the editing or the cameras, but the lights didn’t really come through in many of the shots. I was really hoping to see some 3D lights. It also would have been nice to have a camera way in the back to film the whole field of people and the speaker/light towers near the back of the audience. Those are a bit part of the festival experience.
  • Picture quality (A-): The picture was clear as day. It was better than any of the DVD’s the band has released date. I was very impressed by it. However, for what they were trying to do, this would have been much better in IMAX 3D. I’m sure the movie crew didn’t have the money for IMAX cameras, but that would have really drawn you into it.
  • Sound quality (B+): The sound was excellent, though the bass could have been turned up a bit (no surprise there, that’s exactly how I feel about the soundboard copies of the show). I did feel that Page was a bit louder in the mix than usual, especially during the acoustic set.
  • Overall (B-): It was a good movie, but I didn’t feel drawn into it the whole time. The song selection, the order, and the shots were distracting at times.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll explain what I think could have made the movie better. Concert movies are tough. They either really draw you in or really don’t. The one other time I saw Phish in the theatre was for their show in Brooklyn that kicked off their “final” tour in 2004. The difference was that it was a live simulcast. People watching it in the theatre were just as excited as the people at the show. This time was different. It was just a film made at a concert. I think in this case it didn’t have to be 3D. While it was great to see the depth of the stage setup and all that up close, it wasn’t necessary, though, as I said, it would have worked if it was IMAX.

The best parts of the movie were the parts the audience and fans never get to see. I loved watching the band rehearse with the horns and backup singers. The movie needed more of that. I also loved watching the crowd come in for the acoustic set on Sunday morning. That part was fun because it added the excitement of the festival to the movie. What concert movies don’t usually do is give you that full experience of being there. That’s what this lacked.

This movie would have been better off as a documentary. It’s so difficult to make a concert movie out of a three day festival with eight sets of music. Which songs do you pick? What order do you show them? How much of the audience do you show? There needs to be a balance, but if you mess any of that up, it can make what could be a great movie into a mediocre movie. I had really high hopes for this, having been at the festival and dealing with the camera booms going up and down over the audience blocking our view. It would have been nice to have seen people coming in for the Halloween set. Other than the fact that the movie mentioned it was Halloween weekend, you couldn’t tell from watching. They should have setup an area near the entrance to the venue where they could have lights and a camera man filming people coming into the show in their costumes. That would have made the movie and given some people their 15 minutes of fame. The could have filmed people coming onto the site on the first day and setting up their campsites. There should have been more wandering around the campgrounds. There was so much at the festival, I feel this didn’t really capture it, even when it came to the music. Had they included more of this other stuff in the movie and cut out some of the music (they could have cut out AC/DC Bag, in my opinion) it would have really brought you into the festival and drawn you into the movie, like you were part of the experience. I guess if I had to summarize the movie in a word, it’d be flat (kinda funny considering it’s a 3D movie).

I’m not going to tell you if you should go see it or not. That’s up to you to decide. I did enjoy the movie. I don’t know if being there made me a bit jaded about the movie because it lacked that full experience. It really is a toss up. I’m inclined to suggest seeing it in the theatre for that full big screen experience and buy the DVD because I’m sure it will have special features with additional songs and hopefully some of that documentary type stuff I’m looking for.

Festival 8: Overall Thoughts

This is the sixth and final post in a 6 part series on my trip to Indio, CA for Phish’s Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Grounds. I’m only separating them out because it would be one long post to put it all together. They’ll be posted immediately as I finish them. I’ll link to my pictures from the festival in my final post. My other posts about Festival 8 can be found using the fest8 tag.

I’m gonna try to sum up my thoughts on the whole trip in this post. My pictures from the trip are linked at the end of the post. I’ve organized this post into a few major topics on which I’ll give my overall thoughts. Please keep in mind that this is the first Phish festival I have ever attended, though I did attempt to go to Coventry and never made it in. The only other music festival I have attended was the Newport Folk Festival (posts: Day 1, Day 2, Overall Thoughts).

This is a long post, so I’ve broken it up into sections and I put the break here to keep it from taking up the front page of my blog. My thoughts after the jump.

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Festival 8: Departure

This is the fifth in a 6 part series on my trip to Indio, CA for Phish’s Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Grounds. I’m only separating them out because it would be one long post to put it all together. They’ll be posted immediately as I finish them. I’ll link to my pictures from the festival in my final post. My other posts about Festival 8 can be found using the fest8 tag.

I woke up around 6:30 am on Monday morning, November 2. We had all woken up around the same time. After a quick shower, I packed up all my stuff. We pulled all our stuff together and packed up the RV. We wanted to be on the road as soon as we could. It didn’t take us long to get the RV packed up again and head out. After a wrong turn, we were on our way back to Las Vegas.

The drive back to Vegas was a lot quicker than the drive to Indio. This was primarily because we didn’t have to stop for supplies, but also because it wasn’t dark and we didn’t have to worry about the California agriculture checkpoint going into the state. I guess Nevada doesn’t care if you bring out of state produce in.

It was pretty amazing driving back. I had never been in the desert and because it was dark, I couldn’t see anything on the drive out other than what I saw from the plane. I’ll just say I’m glad I don’t live in the desert. It’s boring. There aren’t any trees, it’s flat, and it’s dusty. We drive through a huge wind farm shortly after leaving Indio. We also had to drive over a mountain or something. Indio’s elevation is 13 feet below sea level. We drive over a mountain that was about 4,000 feet above sea level. I’ve driven over mountains before, but that was pretty neat. I had never had the elevation rise that much on a drive. In fact, the tallest mountains in the east are under 7,000 feet so you’re never really driving over 4,000 feet.

The only stop we made was in Primm, the first town we hit after crossing the border into Nevada. It’s a pretty lame town with a casino or two and a small amusement park. It looks like a tourist trap and reminded me a bit of South of the Border in South Carolina. I took some pictures and bought a drink to help rehydrate myself after spending a few days in the desert not drinking enough water. We weren’t far from Vegas at that point and just trucked on through.

Upon arrival in Las Vegas, I was dropped off with Matt and Max at a hotel to pick up a cab to the airport. After a short wait, we found a cab and made it to the airport. The trip was just about complete. Max and I were both flying Southwest and grabbed lunch and a recharge of our iPhones together while we waited for our flights. We then said our goodbyes and were on our way.

Shortly after landing in Providence, someone saw my new hat and asked what I thought of the festival. I was surprised to have someone on my flight from Vegas who was there. Nevermind the fact that RI is pretty small, but Vegas is about 5 hours from Indio. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be on my flight who was at the festival. We chatted a bit while we walked to the baggage claim. I found my bag, grabbed a taxi and headed home. The trip was officially over.

Festival 8: Day 3

This is the fourth in a 6 part series on my trip to Indio, CA for Phish’s Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Grounds. I’m only separating them out because it would be one long post to put it all together. They’ll be posted immediately as I finish them. I’ll link to my pictures from the festival in my final post. My other posts about Festival 8 can be found using the fest8 tag.

Sunday started with me waking up suffering from dehydration. Apparently, you shouldn’t drink a lot, among other things, while in the desert if you’re not also drinking a lot of water. So I woke up with tunnel vision and was barely able to move. I honestly thought I was tripping, having never tripped before, but I hadn’t taken any hallucinogens. After drinking about a gallon of water in a 2 hour period, I managed to pull myself together and headed to the concert field with the others for the acoustic set at noon. We were a few rows back on the Fishman side of the stage, but it turned out that they had swapped the stage setup. So we still ended up Page side, where we had been for all the other sets.

The band came out and Trey managed to talk everyone into sitting down (the power of Trey). They played a bunch of mellow songs and then busted out “The Curtain With”. This was the highlight of the set for me. The intricate composition played perfectly on acoustic instruments couldn’t have been easy. At one point (I don’t really remember when, having not listened to it over again), Mike asked if we were sitting because we wanted to or because we were told to. They played with some more mellow songs, and then Trey started up a rocking “Wilson”. The crowd was going nuts. During the break before the end of the song, he said how someone asked him to suggest that people sit down, but that he had ADHD and couldn’t sit anymore. They finished “Wilson” and immediately started “McGrupp”, another intricate song. This ended the set, but they came back for an encore (though it’s not officially listed as that because this was only the first set of the show) and played “Driver”, “Talk”, and “Secret Smile” before finishing up. It was a long set, but it was nice and relaxing. They really need to play more acoustic sets like that. It really shows off some of their abilities better than the electric sets. They also have a ton of music that is far more suited for acoustic sets. I think this was the highlight of the weekend for me.

We now had a lot of time to do hang out before the sets that night. I stopped by a Dry Goods tent to pick up a hat. For some reason, they have switched all their shirts from Gildan brand to American Apparel. While I understand the quality, softness, and ethics behind the brand, American Apparel only makes fitted shirts. They don’t fit people with broad shoulders, like myself. Even if I didn’t have a gut, I couldn’t wear them because of the shoulder issue. The sleeves are also tighter on someone built like me. So I bought a hat, mainly because they actually had a Festival 8 hat. I had wanted a poster, but they were selling for $50 and I really didn’t think they were worth that much. We then headed back to the RV and hung out there while we waited for the night sets. During this time, Nick, Laura, and Steve recorded an episode of This Week on Lot while we were all there, chiming in when we wanted.

We made it back for the night sets just in time. They were just starting “AC/DC Bag” as we were walking in. The first set had a lot of firsts for me that I had always wanted to hear live since I first started seeing them in 1997 – “Rift”, “Reba”, “Guelah Papyrus”, “The Wedge”, and “Undermind”. I was especially excited for “Undermind” as it’s my favorite song off that album and they had really funked it up the couple times they played it since returning. They finished the set with a strong “Split Open and Melt”. The setbreak was extra long. It felt like it was over an hour before they actually came back (during a normal show, they’re about 30-45 min, and the previous two nights, they were about 45 min). Because of my lack of sleep, I was extra tired and just wanted them to come back and finish up.

They finally came back for their last set. They started out strong with “Tweezer” segued into “Maze”. They followed this with a very strong “Free” and then “Sugar Shack”, one of the few songs off the new album that I had yet to hear up until that point. In fact, I think the only songs from the new album that were not played this weekend were “I Been Around” and “Twenty Years Later”, the only two I have not seen live now. The last big hurrah of the set started with “Mike’s Song”, which segued into “2001” segued into “Light” segued into “Slave to the Traffic Light” to close what I consider the strongest set of the weekend (acoustic set aside). They came back for the final encore of the weekend with “Grind”. They then started up “Esther” the one Phish song I have been dying to hear live since I first heard the song. They ended the weekend with a very strong “Tweezer Reprise”. This set is of note because they played “Mike’s Song” without a “Weekapaug Groove”, something that is rarely done and something that makes stats junkies wet their pants.

Everyone headed back to their campsites glowing after that set. We decided to come up with a plan to get our stuff together and get going in the morning, but we were going to party it up a bit. I don’t know if everyone partied or not because I fell asleep sitting upright on the couch in the RV. I woke up, kicked Matt in the head and wondered where I was. I laid down at that point and passed out for the night.

Festival 8: Day 2

This is the third in a 6 part series on my trip to Indio, CA for Phish’s Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Grounds. I’m only separating them out because it would be one long post to put it all together. They’ll be posted immediately as I finish them. I’ll link to my pictures from the festival in my final post. My other posts about Festival 8 can be found using the fest8 tag.

Luckily, I had gotten about 9 hours of sleep on Friday night. Halloween was here. Nick, again, made bacon and eggs. We took it easy during the day and headed to the venue for a massive Phish Twibe tweetup that had been planned. After Laura chased down an over-zealous cleaning person who stole our sign, we were ready to go. We had about 25 or so people show up for what would be the biggest Twibe meetup we had ever had. I met the following people aside from those I had met the previous day:

I think I’m missing 1 or 2 people. I can’t remember who they were, unfortunately. It was great to meet some of these folks I had been tweeting with for a long time. We spent some time chatting for a bit and then we went our separate ways and headed to the first set, which started at 3:00 pm. Here’s a pic of the tweetup.

Photo by @motorbikematt

The first daytime set of the weekend was stronger musically than the first night. They played a bunch of fan favorites, including the highlight (for me) of “Runaway Jim” – the first one I’ve seen since before the first hiatus (which started in October 2000). They ended the set with a great “Run Like an Antelope”. The set ended and we headed out to do our own thing for a couple hours before the Halloween set. We had found out, upon entering the venue, that the band would be playing Exile on Main Street from the Rolling Stones. They had handed us “Phishbills” (that looked like Broadway Playbills), which showed the album cover and had a story about the album and some fun stuff inside.

Upon return, we found the wooden towers to have their flames lit and the jumbotrons had a video mashup of music and footage from the 99 albums and artists that were on the website Phish had put together to determine the album they would play.

Eclectic Method Goes Phish from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

This was followed by vintage footage of the Rolling Stones from the 70’s and then Phish came on with horns and backup singers. Phish killed the album, playing it perfectly (though some of the vocals could’ve been better, but no one sounds like Mick Jagger). The horns and backup vocals added an awesome dimension to the music. They performed the best “Loving Cup” ever during this set and probably added a couple new songs to their repertoire as well, particular “Torn and Frayed”. Being a long album, the set was pretty long. After the break, they came back with “Backwards Down the Number Line” off their latest album. This kicked off a great set. That was followed by an awesome “Fluffhead” and a rocking “Ghost”. They slowed it down briefly with “When the Circus Comes” and ended the set with a great “You Enjoy Myself” that had a great vocal jam which included the lighting of torches at the top of the towers. We were sitting in the back of the audience to give us a lot of room to dance and enjoy ourselves, right near the towers. When they went up, we could feel the heat and the sound scared us a bit.

The band came back with the horns and backup singers to encore with the best “Suzy Greenberg” they’ve ever done. It included a reprise jam after pausing. The horns and backup vocalists added a kind of gospel feel to it. Thus ended an awesome night of music.

Following the music, Nick and I hung out with a few beers and found a great band playing in our camping area. We hung out there, chatted with some people, and found Noah and Seth (@seisenstein) there. After hanging out there for a while, I went back to Annie and Greg’s trailer and hung out with the folks there, met Glowstick Man, left some voicemails for This Week on Lot (419-NOWOOKS), and wandered around until sunrise when I went to bed.

Festival 8: Day 1

This is the second in a 6 part series on my trip to Indio, CA for Phish’s Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Grounds. I’m only separating them out because it would be one long post to put it all together. They’ll be posted immediately as I finish them. I’ll link to my pictures from the festival in my final post. My other posts about Festival 8 can be found using the fest8 tag.

The first full day of the festival was Friday, October 30. The band was scheduled to play 2 sets of music, a full concert, starting at 7:30 pm. I woke up around 8:30 am along with the rest of the crew. A few of them had gone out to meet up with some people. Nick and I decided to check out the farmers market they had on site. Unfortunately, unlike most farmers markets, this one was a bit pricey. We both bought some strawberries and picked up a water bottle that we could use for free refills throughout the site. We then headed back to the RV for breakfast that consisted of bacon and eggs and our strawberries.

While hanging outside the RV, a guy we had never seen before came out of Max’s tent. We thought he had been wook’d (in this case, having a random wook decide to crash in your tent). Luckily, it was a friend of his.

After checking out what was in our little area, we took a pedi-cab over to another campsite to meet up with the rest of our crew and some other friends from Twitter at Annie and Greg’s trailer (@stringcheesemom and @gratefuldad5600). We met up with TJ (@tenacioustij) and Kat (@ChinaKatSunflwr) there along with Noah (@noah_s) and Kelli (@kt913). We chatted for a while and then decided to head back. On our way, Matt, Nick and I decided to check out the concert venue. The field was still closed off as final preparations were being made to the art installations, but we checked out the other vendors and I tried the FOAM, a pilsner brewed by Sierra Nevada just for the festival (it all sold out that one day). We also checked out the ferris wheel they had on site. The views of the festival grounds were awesome, as was the site itself in the middle of the desert surrounded by mountains. We then headed back to the RV to prepare for the concert that night.

The band came on about 15-20 minutes late and opened up with “Party Time”, a very fitting start to the festival. The highlights of this show for me were a rocking “Chalkdust Torture”, a great “NICU”, Page’s “Beauty of a Broken Heart”, an awesome “Wolfman’s Brother” segued into “Piper” segued into “Joy”, and the Burble that came out during “Harry Hood”. The Burble was a jelly bean shaped object with many white balloons that had lights inside of them that changed color to the music. It came out during the jam.

After the show, we went back to the RV and hung out for a while. I passed out around midnight and apparently, people were having a power hour about 3 feet from my head. I snored through the whole thing.

Festival 8: Arrival

This is the first in a 6 part series on my trip to Indio, CA for Phish’s Festival 8 at the Empire Polo Grounds. I’m only separating them out because it would be one long post to put it all together. They’ll be posted immediately as I finish them. I’ll link to my pictures from the festival in my final post. My other posts about Festival 8 can be found using the fest8 tag.

My trip to Indio began relatively early in the morning on Thursday, October 29. I woke up at my normal time so that I could catch a plane that left Providence at 10:00 am. My trip was with all people I had met on Twitter, some who I had also met in real life at Phish shows over the summer and for drinks in Providence. I received an offer via Twitter from Mike Sheridan (@TrafficMike) to give me a ride to the airport. I took him up on the offer. I figured the worst that could happen is he’d kill me (luckily, that didn’t happen, nor did I think it would). I arrived at the airport and had two of the most uneventful flights in and out of Philadelphia, known for long delays.

During my layover in Philly, I met up with @PosterDan from Twitter who had been there for many hours as his flight through Denver had been canceled due to Denver getting about 3 feet of snow. We sat in a bar, had lunch and some beer, and chatted a bit about Phish and his crazy travel plans. It came time for us to depart and I went and waited at my gate. My flight was on time and I made it to Vegas.

I was the first of three to arrive at the Vegas airport that afternoon. I grabbed my bags and found a bar and waited for the others. There was a delayed flight and I had to wait a bit longer, so Max (@mberde) and I sat and had a beer together while waiting for Ian (@coffeewithian). When it came time for Ian to show up, we headed down to the baggage claim and each lost a couple dollars in the slots that were right there (they probably have a pretty poor payout anyway). Once we all met up, we grabbed a cab to the Thomas and Mack Center to meet up with the waiting RV and the other four people from our crew (Nick, @Grill_Meister, Steve, @UNOlker, Laura, @MountainLaura, and Matt, @mdubno) and we were on our way. After a few stops along the way to pick up supplies and grab a burger at In-N-Out Burger, we made it to the festival site at 3:00 am. At this point in time, I had been awake for about 23 hours.

When we arrived at the site, security had no clue what they were doing. At the first entrance we tried to enter, we were told the RV lots there were full and we had to go to a back entrance. Nick needed a ticket and asked about the box office. He was assured it’d be open. We followed the directions and entered the back entrance. Upon arrival there, we were told the box office was closed. The guy gave us no indication of what we could do until we suggested he use his walkie-talkie to call over to the other entrance and see if it was open, as we were told that they’d be open 24 hours. He did just that and sent us on our way, through a fairly odd route through the middle of the site. We arrived back at the entrance from which we had been turned away. While the kid there was talking to another driver, we pulled in and made our way to the box office and gates. The “search” of our RV was very quick and we were on our way back to the back entrance and pulled right into our home for the next few days. We met up with some other friends that were there and I ended up staying up until the sun started to rise, probably around 6:00 am. I had now been awake for about 27 hours. I went to sleep for about 2 hours when the sunlight reflecting off the rear view mirror woke me up.

Getting Ready for Festival 8

I’m sitting here prepping some stuff for our as yet to be announced group costume (though if you follow me and the people I’m sharing the RV with, you can probably figure it out). I’ve got a lot going through my head for this weekend. Tomorrow is my last day of work until next Wednesday. I’m leaving Thursday morning for Indio, by way of Philly and Vegas. An awesome guy I follow on Twitter offered me a ride to the airport. I figured since this trip is all about Twitter, I’d take him up on the offer. You may have heard of him, or better yet… heard him. He’s Mike Sheridan of Traffic Net in Rhode Island. Yes, he’s a traffic reporter. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow him @TrafficMike. He’s saving me almost $30 in cab fare by doing this. So be nice to him.

Once I get to Vegas (the Philly stop is just a long layover), I’ll be meeting up with 6 other people I follow on Twitter. They’re all worth following: @UNOlker, @mdubno, @Grill_Meister, @coffeewithian, @mberde, and @MountainLaura. From Vegas we’ll be in the RV and on our way to Indio for the festival. The trip will be pretty epic. Based on what Phish has announced through their site and what I’ve heard through the grapevine, the band has quite a bit planned for us. If you’re interested, check out the following links.

Phish Festival 8 Official Site

Phish Festival 8 Halloween Cover Album Teaser [Jamtopia]

The Phish Festival 8 Poster Gallery [Jamtopia]

The site is supposed to have wifi available. Depending on how good it is or whether or not I can get an AT&T data connection through my iPhone for tethering, I’ll probably post a few updates from the site.

If you’re going to the festival, you should check out the past few episodes of This Week On Lot. They discuss the festival, rumors, and give tips on what to expect and bring with you.

Now back to preparations… like putting music on my iPhone for the flight.

Phish Musical Halloween Costume Thoughts

All the buzz around Phish is now about their new flash site that has them killing off albums until the last one remains. Supposedly, the last one remaining will be the album that they play for their musical costume on Halloween at Festival 8. The site has 99 albums, and so far, they’ve killed off 15 of them.

Phish has always been a band that likes to mess around with people. I don’t buy this whole “last one standing” bit they’ve got going. After all, the previous Halloween shows they’ve done were surprises to the audience. I, for one, want it to be a surprise. It wouldn’t be as much fun if we all knew what they were gonna play. That’s the fun of a Phish show. What I do think they’ll do is play the first song or part of the first song off the last album alive and then play something completely different that’s not even on that list (or perhaps one of the albums that died).

The list of albums includes some great albums, some albums I’ve never heard, some bands I just don’t like, and some true classics. It ranges from Bob Dylan to Radiohead to Frank Zappa to MGMT to Kiss to the Violent Femmes. They’ve played songs from some of the albums. Some of the albums are from bands they’ve used at previous Halloween shows (or that special Dark Side of the Moon show). Jamtopia has a great post with the albums and a day-by-day list of the albums that have been killed off.

My thoughts are pretty similar to the thoughts of many. The band will not play an album from one of the bands whose albums they have covered in their entirety. That knocks off The Who, Pink Floyd, the Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, and the Beatles. They’re not likely to play an album full of mellow songs. This knocks out Radiohead, which a lot of people seem to want to hear. I’ll admit to not being a Radiohead fan. I just don’t like Thom Yorke’s voice and the music is way too mellow for me (though I like that song “Creep” that came out in the ’90’s and In Rainbows isn’t a horrible album). I don’t think they’ll play Frank Zappa. Too many people have been hoping for it. They’ll really want to throw people for a loop.

One of the things I don’t think they’ll do is play an album that people don’t recognize. While it may not be as mainstream as The White Album, it won’t be as obscure as some of the albums on the list. I also don’t think they’ll play anything from a current group, knocking off MMW, MGMT, Arcade Fire, and, again, Radiohead. Also, some of the albums on the list are so out there that they’re only on that list as a joke. I’m looking at Chicago, Kiss, Hall & Oates, and the Bee Gees.

My real hope, if they play something off the list, is that they play Appetite for Destruction. Everyone knows the album, but no one will be expecting it because it’s such an oddball choice, but not too out there. It’d be fun. The crowd would go absolutely nuts. Many of us will piss our pants in excitement.

What I think they’ll do is play an album from a California band, which includes GnR, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, the Dead, etc. Playing a Southern California band would be even better, especially one that fits the whole desert scene, like the Eagles.

My ultimate dream would be for them to play Bat Out of Hell from Meat Loaf. I doubt it’d happen as Meat Loaf is one of those acts that many people hate. I, on the other hand, love Meat Loaf. While he didn’t write most of the songs, his partner, Jim Steinman, is a great writer. Meat Loaf’s voice is powerful and the songs are epic and fun. I think Phish could pull it off and it’d be awesome.

Update (because I forgot this part): I forgot to add in the original post that watching them play the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty would be sick. They’re playing an acoustic set on Sunday. I would not be surprised if we heard some Dead tunes then.