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Honeymoon Day 2: Cabot Cheese, The Shed, Big Storm

The second day of our honeymoon was another hot one, though it would be the last super hot one.  We decided it would be best to go for a long drive in the air conditioned car.  So we headed towards Cabot, though we took the long route through Smuggler’s Notch (the mountain pass, not the ski resort).  We made a stop just after going through the notch, which was an awesome road (one which I wish we had gone through again).  There’s a little state park info area there.  It was awesome because on either side was a wall of mountain, though coming off the rocks was a cold air that felt like air conditioning.  It was pretty sweet and definitely nice on such a hot day.  We were going to do some hiking in there, but ended up running out of time during the week in VT.

We finally made it to Cabot, which was a cute little town.  I learned something new about Cabot Cheese – it’s a cooperative, not a corporation.  The shareholders are each farm that contributes.  The cool thing is, one farm equals one vote, regardless of how big or small the farm (meaning how much milk they contribute).  Cabot was fun.  It was pretty neat to see how they made the cheese and they had lots of samples (if you’re feeling masochistic, try the Habañero Cheddar).  One of the most interesting things was to learn that Cabot cheddar is lactose free (made my lactose intolerant wife happy).  We also learned how to keep cheese tasting its best for longer (wrap it up air tight in new plastic wrap after each use, though once it’s opened the first time, it’ll never be the same, but it’ll keep for a long time if it’s in the original packaging).

Naturally, we bought a bunch of cheese at Cabot (their top-of-the-line Vintage Cheddar, their 3 Year Old Cheddar, a Smoked Cheddar, a thing of Cheddar Shake (similar to parmesan, but cheddar and no need to refrigerate, great on popcorn), and a block of whey butter).  Then we were on our way back to Stowe, after learning from the woman at Cabot that there were tornado warnings for the entire state of VT (we thought they were crazy… tornadoes in the mountains?!?!).

After putting the cheese in the fridge, we needed lunch and headed up the street to The Shed.  I ordered their ski of beer and the waitress was nice enough to throw in a 7th sample so I could try everything they had on tap.  Susan got a stout or porter or something like that.  I wrote a review on Beer Advocate if you’re interested in what I had, but I can’t remember right now other than that the beer was pretty mediocre.  Anyway, as we were sitting there, in their “greenhouse” room with glass ceilings, the wind really started to pick up to the point of blowing trees sideways.  It was actually quite scary.  Then it started to rain.  Shortly after the waitress brought over our food, the music stopped playing.  The power had gone out in the whole town (but good thing we got our food and had cash to pay).  The sky was really dark, the wind was nasty, and the rain was huge.  Luckily, when it came time to head back to the hotel, the storm had passed and it was barely a drizzle.  Upon arrival at the hotel, the power was out and we got a lantern from the front desk.  We ended up passing out and when we woke up, the sun was out and the power back.  We then decided to take a little walk into town, though after 5, everything was closed.  We went to a Thai place for dinner and learned that aside from The Shed, most of Stowe was pretty pricey.  I’ll write about the bar/restaurant in the hotel in another post.

That was the second day of our honeymoon.  I’ll pick up on day 3 tomorrow or later tonight.  Day 3 was a good day.  🙂