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Where are the music and urbanism posts?

I know my tagline includes music and there aren’t a whole lot of posts other than those about RIAA trials.  I used to listen to a lot of music (and still do), but money has been tight lately.  I haven’t been able to get out to see as many live bands as I would like.  That will hopefully change starting after the holidays are over.  In addition to being able to check out more bands, I’ll also be continuing to increase my CD collection, which is still increasing, though slowly (I’m awaiting the new Phish, Live in Las Vegas album, including the bonus DVD and CD, which should arrive by the end of the month, after which I will post a review, as objective as it may be).

As for the urbanism posts, they tend to relate strictly to Providence and things have quieted down here a bit lately.  I’ll be trying to get at least one post every couple weeks related to urban issues.

And regardless of what the tagline says, those are my main interests.  Everything else falls under “life…”.  🙂

Fr1st p0st!

I had to do that for the title because I’m a dork like that. Welcome to my new blog. I decided to keep my interests separate from our “family” site. Until I decide to buy a new domain, this site will sit at the current location. Not sure what my plans are for this yet, but I’m sure there’ll be discussion of urban issues, tech issues, beer, music, and life, sometimes all in the same post.

The look of this site will evolve as I learn more and more about WordPress and this theme (which I happen to really like).