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A friend of mine just introduced me to  It’s a beer rating/recommendation site.  It’s actually quite cool.  Basically, you give beers a rating of Like, Shrug, or Dislike.  It compares your ratings to those of other users and gives you recommendations for beers that you would probably like.  After spending a little time on it going through all the beers I could think of (some which I had to add myself because they weren’t there, meaning they probably didn’t count much towards my recommendations), I checked the recommendations.  Apparently, I really need to try Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA as that’s by far the top recommendation according to this site.

I’m occasionally active on Beer Advocate, reviewing beers when I have the time to really think about what I’m drinking and posting on the forums there.  This site is a bit different.  It doesn’t seem to give overall ratings, at least not to the extent that BA does, but it does give you a recommended list of beers to try.  I found that pretty cool, so I’m going to seek out some of the beers it listed I think.  Hopefully, Nikki’s will have most of them.

Also cool about the site is that it uses the Yaws web server, which is designed for dynamic-content web apps.  As I don’t know much about Yaws, I’ll let you read up on it and learn more about it.  So far it seems pretty neat.

Trey Anastasio – The Horseshoe Curve (semi-review)

I had purchased Trey Anastasio’s new album, The Horseshoe Curve, and took a listen (along with the 5 song EP that came with it). I was excited when I read about it being an instrumental album, much like Seis de Mayo. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I had expected. I would really like to see Trey get more into classical-type music. While I like the funky beats of the new album, I was hoping for something a little more refined. I have only listened to the album twice now, but I will be listening more. I will admit that I do like it the more I listen to it, but I was hoping it’d be something a little different than it is. I am very happy that Trey has dumped the major record labels and started his own label. Now if only the other 3 will follow him. Continue reading Trey Anastasio – The Horseshoe Curve (semi-review)

Dennis Kucinich for President in 2008

I’m not normally a political person.  Because of that, you’ll very rarely see political statements here.  However, the United States government is having some issues.  While anyone but Bush would be great right now, especially if it were a democrat, I’ve got some very mixed feelings about the current democratic front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  They both make me feel that there won’t be a whole lot of change, regardless of the rhetoric they’re feeding us.  Because of that, I am supporting, as the title of this post states, Dennis Kuchich in 2008. Continue reading Dennis Kucinich for President in 2008

Verizon FiOS vs. Cox High Speed Internet

Verizon FiOS is coming to RI and Providence. It’s already available in some areas. People are excited about it; however, I’m not convinced. What it does is bring in competition, which is always good. In a discussion with my fiancée’s brother, he explained to me that the benefit to FiOS is in the upstream speeds, with upstream speeds up to 2 Mbps. He went on to say that upstream speeds for most cable internet services is around 256 kbps. I was curious, knowing that Cox had been increasing their speeds for a while, and decided to check out what Cox offers. In their basic package, priced the same as the basic FiOS package (about $40 per month), Cox High Speed is 5 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream. In other words, it’s exactly the same as FiOS. Continue reading Verizon FiOS vs. Cox High Speed Internet

Sidewalk dining…

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. I enjoy going out to eat, and on a nice summer night, there’s nothing like sitting outside while eating. That pleasure vanishes when your dining “room” has suddenly become someone else’s walkway. I live in Federal Hill about a block from Atwells Ave, the dining Mecca of Providence. The street is lined with restaurant after restaurant. The sidewalks on Atwells Ave are not the extra wide sidewalks found in super pedestrian cities like New York or Boston. They’re regular old Providence city sidewalks. If I had to guess at the width of them, I’d say about 6 feet or so from the building to the curb. The restaurants have decided that they need to attract tourists with their “outdoor dining”. Continue reading Sidewalk dining…

Does Bit Torrent make you a server?

There’s a current thread on the NYCheads email discussion list (which can be found at Google Groups, for those of you in the NYC area who want some decent music discussion, though it tends to revolve around NYC and jam bands and the like) regarding OptOnline’s and Comcast’s TOS prohibiting you to be a “server”. The issue that started was Comcast banning Bit Torrent because it makes your computer a server. Some feel that peer-to-peer software does not make your computer a server, though Comcast, and most ISP’s, would probably disagree with that. Though the discussion is still fairly young, and I’m sure more people will add their 2 cents to it, I added mine… Continue reading Does Bit Torrent make you a server?

Tortilla Flats and Narragansett Bock Beer

Since I felt I needed some content, I figured I’d base my first content post on dinner tonight. We went to Tortilla Flats for dinner. The food there is alright, nothing special. I had a huge burrito (the Incredible Burrito). It was pretty standard Tex-Mex (I was there once before and ordered their Harvest Burrito, which was different, but also good. Continue reading Tortilla Flats and Narragansett Bock Beer

Fr1st p0st!

I had to do that for the title because I’m a dork like that. Welcome to my new blog. I decided to keep my interests separate from our “family” site. Until I decide to buy a new domain, this site will sit at the current location. Not sure what my plans are for this yet, but I’m sure there’ll be discussion of urban issues, tech issues, beer, music, and life, sometimes all in the same post.

The look of this site will evolve as I learn more and more about WordPress and this theme (which I happen to really like).