My name is Jim. I live in Providence, Rhode Island, the smallest state with the biggest heart. I drink a lot of craft beer. I listen to a lot of Phish. I eat a lot of good food. And I ski. This is about all you will see for a biography as they are too difficult to keep updated.

This site is on its third revision. My past posts are available as a look into who I am. I have written mostly about craft beer, music (especially Phish), technology, and urban living. I have also written about politics, specifically issues that are important to me. I cannot say what the future will hold for this blog as I am not there yet. I do plan on writing more. I will likely be writing about the same subjects I have written about in the past. I will include writing on my travels around the country. I will also, as I have done in the past, be plugging random projects undertaken by my friends. There will also likely be random fun stuff I find around the interwebs.

You can get a better idea of who I am through the links below and my posts on this blog. Please be aware that I tend to only friend people I actually know on Facebook. So do not take offense if you send me a friend request and I ignore it or reject it. The same goes for almost all these sites with the only exception being Twitter. However, with Twitter, I try to keep the number of people I follow to a certain level to better keep up with the tweets.








You can reach me by email at jim@runawayjim.org.

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  1. Jim! Hey, not sure if you are the guy I met well before Coventry a while back. We drove to Greatwoods together. Either way, I moved to RI in 2003. If you are still in the area it would be good to hook up for a beer sometime.

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