We’re Back!

It’s been WAY WAY WAY too long since I last wrote something to put up here. After some malware infections and a really long hiatus, my site is back and you can expect some posts from me in the coming months. I’ve been keeping myself busy and a lot has changed since I last posted. Let’s see. Where should I start? Well, I’m divorced (or almost, there’s a waiting period before it becomes official). I’ve done quite a bit of traveling. In fact, you will likely see some posts about my 2013. Yes, that’s the entire year. It was quite the year for me. I went on a 3,000 mile road trip with my dog, Tela, down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Nashville and back by way of Durham, NC. I went on Phish summer and fall tours (21 shows total, 4 time zones, 9 states). I met an ex-girlfriend I hadn’t seen in 9 years, and she’s no longer an ex. I suffered a very serious back injury (that wasn’t caused by anything in particular other than a congenital issue that decided it was time to cause problems). I spent lots of time in physical therapy and possibly needing major back surgery… and now I don’t need surgery and I’m almost done with physical therapy. It was a good year for me. You can expect some posts on the year, including some excerpts from the journal I kept during the road trip.

Until then, feel free to peruse the site and check out some of the posts I’ve written.

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