Sugar Shack Porter

It’s been 2 weeks since I brewed my Sugar Shack Porter, my 8th batch of homebrew. It’s a maple porter, if you didn’t get the reference. I used a quart of Vermont Grade B syrup in the boil for this one. I just racked it to the secondary. After brewing, my original gravity came out 10 points high at 1.076. When I checked my gravity today, it was exactly what it was supposed to be at 1.019. Instead of being just over 6% ABV, it’s going to be about 7.5% ABV. I don’t have a problem with that.

I brewed this one to donate some to a silent auction. I chose the style because the auction coordinator, a friend of mine, tried Woodstock Inn’s Kanc Country Maple Porter and loved it. I have not yet brewed a porter. This gave me a chance to do that and use one of my most favorite foods in the world… maple syrup.

I had a taste of it now that it’s fermented and it’s excellent. It’s oaky, roasty, earthy, and a bit boozy. Because I used the syrup in the boil, it ferments out all the sugars and leaves that earthy woodsy maple flavor. I also used a yeast that tends to give off an oaky flavor. It tastes exactly as I imagined it would. I think I did everything right this time. I had tended to have a high fermentation temp in the mid-70’s. This one I fermented at 66-68° to avoid the esters that get released at the higher temps.

So now it’s got 2 weeks in the secondary and then I’ll bottle (actually just under 2 weeks because I’m bottling before Memorial Day weekend when I’ll be away). I’d rather it had more time in the bottles than the secondary before I bring it to the auction. I then have 2 more weeks to wait before it’ll be ready to drink. I’m hoping in those 4 weeks the booziness mellows out a bit.


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