Waco or Wacko? You decide…

Came across this article about Bill Nye (remember him? The Science Guy) giving a presentation in Waco, TX about… you guessed it… science. I’m gonna start off by saying that, while I am not religious in any way (I consider myself a bitĀ atheistĀ and a bit agnostic), I have absolutely no problem with people who practice religion and actually believe what they practice… so long as they have some common sense about it. Heck, even the Catholic Church admitted that the story of the world being created in seven days wasn’t completely accurate, that the story is just a story to make a point and to explain something that couldn’t previously be explained.

Apparently The Science Guy brought up a quote from the bible about the creation of the heavens and earth and two lights, a greater one for the day and a lesser one for night. He had the nerve to explain that the lesser light, the moon, was not actually a light, but a reflection of the greater light, the sun. He managed to anger people who stormed out of his presentation because he had the gall to say that the bible wasn’t 100% accurate.

So, while I don’t generally care about what you believe, if you take your beliefs too far and ignore science, I will consider you to be a wacko and cannot take you seriously. After all, the biggest reason religion has existed was to explain the unexplainable. Science has come in and proven many things, such as the age of the earth, which many still believe to be only 6,000 years old. So if you have no problem ignoring valid science, much of which has been accepted by various Churches (especially the Vatican, they can be stubborn), I have no problem ignoring just about all you say because it’s probably irrational.

Disclaimer: I mean absolutely no offense to anyone who is religious. Again, that’s your thing. Don’t throw it in my face and don’t argue accepted science, especially science that has been accepted for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

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