The Plot Thickens in Providence

I have posted previously about why people should not vote for David Cicilline to represent Rhode Island in Congress. In summary, the man is a liar, and the worst kind of self-serving politician as well. For the record, I am a registered Democrat in Rhode Island. I voted to elect Cicilline back into the mayor’s office in 2006. I want to like him, but his secrecy in the mayor’s office and now this in the Phoenix’s Not for Nothing blog.

I posted earlier about Providence’s financial problems. As a two term mayor, Cicilline “served” the city for eight years. There is little doubt that the city’s financial problems were the result of his administration. If you read the article linked above, you will see that he continues to gloss over the problems that our city faces. He is playing a politician of the worst kind. When asked some tough questions (via email, because his press secretary refused to let the reporter speak with him on the phone), the ProJo reporter was sent this as a response (Kershaw is the press secretary and Pina is the reporter):

From: Kershaw, Jessica

To: Pina, Alisha

Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2011 5:49 PM


Thank you for your patience today. Below is a statement, direct from Congressman Cicilline, that you can use. This is what I can provide to you at this time. Please attribute this to him:

“There is no question that cities and towns all across Rhode Island, states around the country, and our federal government are all facing incredibly difficult budget decisions. Providence is facing these same challenges as a result of a $40 million reduction in state aid, the loss of federal education stimulus funds, the loss of revenues due to the troubled economy and a large pension liability. I have every confidence that Mayor Taveras and the Providence City Council will make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of the city as they work out these difficult budget issues. I will be fighting hard in Washington to help cities and towns in Rhode Island in any way I can.”

U.S. Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI)

Thank you again for your patience and persistence!


Do I have a point to writing this post? Yes. I want to make the people, not only of Providence and Rhode Island, but also those elsewhere in the country to see just how sleazy Cicilline can be. I will continue to post new details as they arise. And you can be damn sure I will not be voting for him come November 2012. I do not trust him to properly serve the people of Rhode Island other than his close friends and family. I do not trust him to act selflessly as any public servant should. Everything that has come out of his mouth was meant to better his own political career. Sure, he has faith in Taveras. They’re friends. He has to say that. But I would think that as friends, he would admit his wrongdoing and come clean. Prior to the election in 2010, it was suggested that big things might come out about Cicilline. I am pretty sure we haven’t heard the worst of it.

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