Thinking about voting for Cicilline?

Think twice. He’s a liar. And this is not related to his problems with the fire department.

While I don’t see eye-to-eye with him on many issues, I’m going to be voting for David Segal in the democratic primary for Patrick Kennedy’s former seat in Congress. We need more people who are less of the same. Cicilline is just more of the same. David Segal is not. I will be happy once Cicilline is out of city hall. I’ll be even happier to see him lose this election. He has not done the work of the people. He has done the work of his friends and people who write checks. We do not need more of that in Washington.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about voting for Cicilline?”

  1. I’ll be voting for David as well. I’m nowhere near ‘progressive’, but the fact that he’s responsive, accessible, and willing to break from party lines is really important.

    Normally I’d pick the person with the best ‘business sense’, but David is the ‘giant twitching brain’ in this race, and I’ll take intelligence I can access over pretty much anything else.

  2. I’m thinking that Cicilline is none of what mangeek said above. He’s about as far from accessible as you can get. He’s a liar. He doesn’t give a shit about Providence. He’s easily swayed by money and friends. He will do absolutely nothing for this city and state. I’m actually thinking about either not voting for him at all in November or switching party lines to try to prevent him from winning. That’s how little I think of him and how shitty a job he’s done as my mayor.

  3. I think Loughlin and Cicilline both have it wrong. I Just can’t bring myself to put an arrow next to Cicilline’s name, that’s for sure.

    There’s just no way I’m going to promote someone who so abjectly failed at ‘keeping the trains running’, puts ‘politics’ over policy, and has been called-out for lying so many times.

    In the past, I’ve voted for whoever I thought would ‘bring home the bacon’, but I’m tuning around now, all that ‘bacon’ seems to get misused here. I don’t think grabbing more of (our own) money from the Federal pool will do us any good in the long run.

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