One thought on “Fuck You BP!”

  1. Your right in a short hatefui way but things are much worse. The major estuary in the Gulf of is Ruined. Next victim – Florida Bay is the estuary just below the Everglades that provides breeding ground for fish all through the Caribbean, not mentionimg the tourism from Cuba to Aruba. The Bahamas will be destroyed as oil flows below the surface into the Gulf Stream, the areas from Floriga to Maine and lets not forget Canada and the Canadian Caribbean, South Maine beaches.

    How much thought bhas been give to international waters that affect almost every nation in the world. Before BP and others are allowed to drill in deep waters, plans should be presented if leaks occur. are we that desperate for oil that were putting some of the Earth’s most fragile areas in serious jeopardy? Capitalism unbound is the motto of the good ole USA. Fill my pockets with cash F–k everyone else. Is that an act that makes God happy? He is the master scientist, historian, and decision-maker for global ethics. The reason the US is allowed to exist is to be an example for the rest of the world to live by. We blew it with greed, hate, political insanity, self worth and f__k everybody else. We literally dug our own grave, its time for the people to rise up and threaten Washington, D.C. Get it done or get the hell out. Americans are sick of your deceptions and lies to keep the FEW happy while the masses suffer. We are a country with politicians that love the people until after the election. Do people still exist who really care? Of course were here but how can we gain influence? Anything major, like explosians, or killings deems us as crazy while the real insanity judges us. Our only hope is in an afterlife where a Being more powerful than than a million nuclear weapons steps in and says whoa you guys, I know whats going on and who caused it. He will fix the world and innately know who He can trust. Free will. Bad idea with so many piggish capitalists. We have done soething that makes Chernobyl look like a drop in the bucket of pollution and greed.

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