Upgraded Site

As I’m sure you can tell, my site is quite different. You’re going to have to bear with the look while I figure out what I’m going to do about the theme. The old theme I used, K2, seems to be a bit buggy with WordPress 2.8.4. I may just be stuck waiting for the K2 developers to update the theme to fully support the newest version of WordPress. Until I find a fix, the site’s gonna look pretty blah for a while. The content will continue to be the same quality that it has always been.

Update: I got the theme working properly. Please bear with me as I customize the CSS a bit to get the look of my site back (or perhaps change it).

Update 2: I think I got all the CSS customized. I still have the Blogroll and some other customizations to make before it’s back to pretty much exactly what it used to be (though it will never been exact). It seems as though when you export the blog to an XML file, it doesn’t backup the Blogroll, which is unfortunate, and a bit surprising. I’m likely going to do away with my Links page and just put all the blogs I read in my Blogroll instead.

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