Batch #5: Brewday; Batch #4: Bottling Day; Batch #3: Update

I brewed a yet-to-be-named Brown Ale today. I went a little different with my recipe. When we were in Atlanta, we tried the Red Brick Brown Ale, which had a slight hint of roasted coffee. I included some roasted barley in my recipe to get those flavors. Everything went perfectly today with no boilovers or any issues. This one should come out pretty good. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a little on the dark side, but definitely not as dark as my stout or the dark wheat ale that should’ve been much lighter.

I also bottled my IPA today. Because of some serious floating hops sediment, I only managed to get about 4 gallons bottled. I didn’t think anyone would want to drink a beer with floating hops particles. It tastes a bit on the sweet side, and I did notice it actively ferment today, which is weird since it’s been in fermentation for about 4 weeks now. It had 13 days in primary and it had 2 weeks in secondary. I didn’t rack it until it had stopped bubbling. So I have no idea what’s up with this beer. It’s definitely hoppy and has a great hop aroma, but I have no idea what to expect. We’ll see how it is after it carbonates.

Finally, here’s a little update on my Dark Wheat Ale (or my Wheat Stout, depending on how you look at it). It tastes great. It’s a little acrid, but that should mellow out over time. The only problem is, we opened one up on Thursday night and it was still flat. There was a very slight “psssh” sound, but little to no carbonation was present. I really hope that this batch didn’t get screwed up. This was the one I was really looking forward to. In fact, I’m likely going to be entering it in a homebrew competition. Yes, my third batch of homebrew is going to be entered in a competition. Hopefully by the time they judge, the flavors will balance out a bit and the carbonation will be present. We’ll see how that goes, though. If I don’t drink any that have carbonated by the time I need to hand over the bottle, I’m not entering it. So here’s hoping for the best. I think it could be from the cold spell we’ve had, leaving my house at about 65 and even dipping down lower at night. The warmer weather will hopefully get the yeast to work a bit. I’ve left it in the same room to try to get it warm.

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