Batch #3: Racked to Secondary

I don’t know why I’m writing this after I wrote the other one, but I figured I should write something about it. I finally learned the proper way to use my auto-siphon. Instead of constantly pumping the beer out, I was supposed to just pump until it started flowing. Well, that’s exactly what I did with this one. And you know what? It actually worked a whole lot better. It took longer to move, but there were no air bubbles, and it didn’t suck up as much of the trub at the bottom. In fact, very little came through. I have a feeling this beer is going to be a bit cleaner.

We did taste it again and it seems like the extra 6 days smoothed out the flavor a bit. The yeast did work a bit, but not quite as much as they had been up to that point. This is the one beer I absolute cannot wait to try. Unfortunately, it’s going to be another 4 weeks before it’s actually ready. The waiting is the worst part about brewing.

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