Batch #3: Update

This batch has me working hard. First the boilover, then screwing up the aeration and the pitching of the yeast, then the problem with the airlock (which is actually not cracked, I’m not sure how it lost water), then the crazy amount of fermentation.

Well, we had a brief heatwave and to save the beer from getting into the 80’s, I moved it to my basement for a day. Come to find out, the temp dropped from 72-74 to about 68-70. All noticeable action basically stopped. I decided it was time to rack it to secondary (this was yesterday after spending an extra 2 days fermenting). I brought it upstairs, the temp went back up and it started bubbling like crazy again. I had to consult a friend on this one. I decided I’d leave it upstairs where the temps were warmer to let it keep fermenting. I did take a gravity reading. It was at 1.016, the upper end of the range I’m shooting for (though the OG was at the upper range of that as well). Well, it’s slowed down again and I decided I’ll transfer it tomorrow, assuming it’s not fermenting like mad again. At the very latest, I have to transfer it on Saturday. I need the bucket to brew on Sunday (I’m on a schedule, after all).

I decided to follow the footsteps of one of my commenters, markmier, and bought the cheapest 1 liter bottle of vodka I could find at the nearest liquor store. It’s called Crowne Russe. I’ll be using this for my airlock (I’d never drink $7 vodka).

I did find a great substitute for PBW. Oxyclean does a great job at cleaning the crud off of stuff. I had some dried crud on the “cracked” airlock that had filled up with some beer and crud. The oxyclean took it right off. Of course, now that I have delayed transfering it to secondary, I have to pick up another carboy. I’ll be doing that on Friday or Saturday when I pick up the ingredients for my killer IPA.

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