Classic TAB – Holy Crap!

My ears are still ringing.  I’m fresh out of the Trey Anastasio show at Lupo’s.  The only thing I heard from him prior to this show was his solo acoustic set at the Newport Folk Fest and the show they did in Brooklyn in August.  Both were great.  I got an email from my 2nd-cousin-in-law saying how great the CT show was a few days ago.  Then I read a review of that show, which said it was pretty mellow.

Tonight was anything but mellow.  I can’t even remember what they played, but they played for a good 3 hours.  The first set was about 90 minutes.  Highlights from that set were “Alaska,” “Sand,” “Ooh Child,” and I’m sure there were others that I can’t remember right now.

The second set was a little shorter.  He came back with a killer “Push On Til the Day,” followed by a great “Gotta Jibboo.”  He did a great “A Case of Ice and Snow,” which was slowed way down, but it gave it this great depth that the album version lacks.  During the second set, the band left and he grabbed his acoustic for “Water in the Sky,” “Brian and Robert,” and “Get Back on the Train,” which he jammed out.  The band came back and they played a few more songs, ending the second set with “Tuesday.”

The encore was pretty predictable.  I haven’t seen him play with his solo bands in quite some time without playing “First Tube.”  However, this one was special.  In the middle of the song, some dude starts playing percussion and then takes over for Russ on the drums.  Tony gets up from his bass and some other dude steps in.  Finally, as the jam is getting insane, Scott Murawski, from Max Creek, comes out with what looks like another of Trey’s guitars and they trade licks throughout the remainder of the song.

I really think Trey was happy to be in a small club.  It showed.  He was into it, the crowd was into it, and the tunes just flowed (with some minor downtime).  Trey is back at the top of his game.  You can tell he’s clean.  You can tell his heart is 100% back in this.  Not only is his guitar work a million times better, his voice sounds more in tune (even moreso than it did in the 90’s, and he’s never been known for having a great voice).  All I have to say for all of you going to Hampton, enjoy.  Assuming the 4 guys from Phish rehearse enough together, those shows will be nothing short of epic.

Disclaimer: I don’t remember the setlist exactly.  Some of those songs might be out of order.  In fact, I’m sure they are.  I also couldn’t hear Trey when he was announcing his guests.  I thought he said Jamie Masefield on drums, but he’s not a drummer.  It looked a little like Bill Kreutzman from the Dead.  I couldn’t tell at all who the other bassist was.  I’m sure a setlist will be posted overnight.  The ringing is starting to go away and I’m just about ready to pass out.  Until the next time…

Update: I’m good.  It was Bill Kreutzman on drums and my first inclination about the bassist was correct.  It was Oteil Burbridge, of Allman Bros. fame.  The setlist is now up at Phantasy Tour.

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