Victory Storm King Stout at 1 Year

Last night I pulled up a can of Oskar Blues Ten Fidy that I had been holding since last year and a bottle of Victory Storm King Stout that I had been holding for a year.  I decided to try the Storm King.  This beer is normally a very hoppy, “in your face” Russian Imperial Stout.  I figured I’d age it and watch the hops mellow out a bit and bring some of the malt flavors forward.  That’s exactly what happened.  The beer is now much smoother, though not silky smooth.  It has more of a roasted malt flavor with some chocolate notes and a slight hint of coffee.  It’s also a lot easier to drink without the huge bitterness from the hops in addition to the huge flavors from the malts.

I’ve got three more bottles of this in my cellar.  I think I might save them for the next three years and see what happens.  There are plenty of RIS’s out there that don’t need aging that I can get by without this one.  I do think I’ll buy more soon, though, and let it sit in my cellar for a while.  The Ten Fidy will be another night this weekend.

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