Harpoon Leviathan Series

Harpoon Brewery from Boston and Vermont recently started a big beer series, as many breweries have been doing lately (or for a while).  Until now, Harpoon had the limited release 100 Barrel series.  However, it can’t really be called extreme as many of the beers are pretty tame (though still really good, nothing wrong with a tame beer).  They wanted a piece of the extreme beer action and dove in head first.

The first beer of the Leviathan series was Triticus, a reworked version of their wheat wine brewed by Todd and Jason Alstrom, of BeerAdvocate fame (they’re the founders).  This version of it is 14% ABV.  It was not bottled.  I was lucky enough to be having dinner at Doherty’s in Pawtucket.  They had it on tap.  It’s a very dark color for a wheat wine.  This one was nice and sweet and pretty smooth.  There was a little alcoholic heat to it, but it was very flavorful with some nice fruity notes.  It had a nice thick, and somewhat oily mouthfeel.

The second Leviathan beer is an Imperial IPA.  Clocking in at 10%, it’s a doozy.  This isn’t simply Harpoon IPA on steroids.  This one rivals even some of the west coast double IPA’s.  It’s very hops forward with a nice malt backbone to give it just the right amount of balance.  It’s citrusy and bitter with a little sweetness to it as well.  Seek this out while it’s still available.  It’s worth it.

Harpoon has never overly impressed me (I do like their IPA), but they’ve gone balls to the wall with their Leviathan series.  I look forward to the next installment.  If it’s anywhere near as good as the first 2, I’ll be in heaven.

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