Why Macs Aren’t Better

I’ve been using my Mac for quite some time now.  I’m a bit more acclimated with it, and while I’m no expert, I’ve seen enough to safely say that Macs are no better than PC’s.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • My MacBook Pro crashes with the Apple’s version of the BSOD more often than I’ve had Windows BSOD on me… and it does it on shutdown!
  • Today, for instance, an application locked up on me. Tried to Force Quit to no avail. Killing it from the Terminal didn’t even work. Decided to log out and it froze. No BSOD or anything, but it sat there displaying my wallpaper and nothing more.
  • The “beach ball” shows up more often than Windows would ever hang up on me. It shows up randomly and applications hang and even OSX hangs. It’s quite annoying.
  • You can’t highlight a file and hit the Delete key on the keyboard to move the file to the trash. The mouse is not always better.

That’s just a few, but the first 2 are big ones. Everyone whines about how Windows is always crashing and needs to be rebooted. I haven’t had a better experience with MacOS X. The only operating system I’ve had fewer crashing issues with is Linux.

So to all you Apple fanboys out there… It does not just work.

4 thoughts on “Why Macs Aren’t Better”

  1. The grass always looks greener on the otherside; until you actually get there.

    Last week at work, one of my staff, using his MacBook Pro, had issues uploading an image using Safari onto the watered-down wiki that comes built in on a Xserve; he finally had to use Firefox and it worked no problem. Thing is, those were all Apple products that didn’t work together, which I find funny.

    In closing, I actually seldom have BSODs on either my personal computer running XP or my work laptop with Vista. (Now I’ve jinxed myself though.)

  2. First off, yes they are better! 😉

    Second, seriously check your console logs and try to figure if you’ve got something running in the background that’s hosing your system. Or maybe it’s a random hardware issue – memory or can cause flaky random crashes. Try getting a hold of a copy of Tech Tool Pro to test the memory and processor. Also, I recommend installing and running AppleJack to fix disk, cache and swap file problems.

    I’ve been running OS X since it was beta (which was pretty brutal, btw), and I’ve only experience a kernel panic (the Unix BSOD equivalent) maybe three times. I’m currently using a 6 year old iMac with a ton o’ crap loaded on it and barely have any problems. The biggest issues I have is when some poorly written Flash on a web page brings things to a grinding halt.

    Anyhow, maybe there’s something wrong with your system that’s not indicative of Macs in general.

    Oh, and use ?-Delete to avoid a trip to the mouse.

  3. Oops. That should have been the Command symbol (it looked right when I typed it). Command-Delete.

    Oh, and Command-Shift-Delete to empty the trash.

  4. Command-Delete is helpful, but not quite as intuitive as simply hitting the key that should do what it says it does. Plus it’s an extra key. Even on a full keyboard, neither delete key does what it says it does without an extra key press.

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