Julian’s Rocks

I know I’ve written about Julian’s before, but I had to write about them again.  Susan and I went there for dinner last week.  We wanted to go for a walk, but didn’t want to cook.  Julian’s had some healthy stuff on their summer menu, so we stopped in for dinner before going for a walk.  Susan got the tuna steak (ew because it’s rare, though she likes that kind of thing) and I got their mussels special, which was awesome.  Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing (though the food was excellent and certainly healthy).  I’m writing because they had a freaking keg of freaking oak-aged freaking 120 Minute IPA on tap.  Yeah… it was freaking awesome.  Susan ordered it while I got the Avril, which was also on tap.  That restaurant is full of surprises and totally worth your time.  The Avril was fantastic on tap (often saisons are not very good on tap, but this one was) and the 120 was phenomenal, though I would have preferred it as a dessert beer because it was so sweet (it’s on the sweet side to begin with and the oak aging added a sweet vanilla note to it).  So we got the beers with the highest ABV and the lowest ABV that night.

Go to Julian’s.  Drink lots of good beer.  Eat lots of awesome food.

Visit their MySpace page for updated food and drink/beer menus.

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