Tearing Down Trees for a “Green” Building

I’m all for biking and green buildings, but Zane’s Cycles in Branford, CT has taken the cake.  They have torn down a bunch of trees to build a “green” building for their bike shop.

The bike shop has been growing over the years.  They originated in a nice storefront on Main Street in the center of Branford.  They have since moved to a larger space in a strip mall on Rt. 1 with oceans of parking.  Their new building is also going to be on Rt. 1, and because it’s not in a dense urban area, it will likely also be surrounded by a sea of surface parking.

Someone needs to inform the owners that if they truly want to be green, they would have renovated their current space or bought an existing building to renovate rather than tear down trees and add more blacktop.

Zane’s Cycles gets an F in environmentalism.

2 thoughts on “Tearing Down Trees for a “Green” Building”

  1. Don’t you love the fact that environmentalism has been reduced nothing more than a marketing scheme? Did you see on Consumerist.com where Coinstar is advertising that cashing in your change in their over-priced machines helps save the environment?

    Gotta love it.

  2. I saw that. I wrap my coins and get full value for them (or trade them in for quarters so I can do my laundry). This building really pisses me off because it’s in my home town. I knew they were moving, but just learned this weekend that it was going to be a green building. I’m all for green buildings, but not at the expense of the environment, which this does. I’m trying to find some local blogs in the Branford/New Haven area to pick up on this story.

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