Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen Weiss

I know I had previously said I would do a side by side, but that never happened.  What did happen, however, is that I moved a bunch of beer from my pantry to the cellar for the summer (the pantry is much warmer than the rest of the apartment now, while the opposite was true in the winter).  Because of that, I forgot I even had a bottle of Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen Weiss.  I pulled it out of the cellar and decided to pop it open.  I had previously tried this at a couple tastings at Nikki’s.  When the beer was fresh, it had a nice hops bite to it that fit perfectly.  The beer has aged a few months and here are my thoughts.

The beer pours a cloudy grassy yellow/maize color with a huge head.  Carbonation is more present now than it was fresh.  The beer smells of yeasty breadiness and a nice hoppy grassiness.  The flavor up front is some of that sweeter malt flavor along with some bready flavors.  The hops are there, but more subdued than they were when the beer was fresh.  They were a bit grassier now and not quite as in your face as they had been.  This tastes much more like a German beer than an American beer.  It’s got a nice mouthfeel, just ever so slightly chewy and bready.  It’s still quite drinkable, though if I gave it an A before, I’d give this a B+ now.

I much prefered this beer fresh.  In my opinion it has passed its prime, though it is still a very excellent beer (and this is coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan of wheat beers, especially those with lots of yeast).  The whole idea behind the beer was the hops and with those more subdued, you aren’t getting the purpose of the beer.  If you haven’t had it and can still find it, it is worth trying.  It does taste more like the German version did fresh.

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