What is it with music sites and RSS?

The title should be “What is up with music sites and lack of RSS?”  I’m in the process of extending my regular web reading material outside the beer/Providence world and since I do have a thing for music, I was hoping to add some feeds to Google Reader.  I started with phish.com and clicked the RSS link they have on their news page.  It brings up a blank page.  I wrote to the webmaster to have it fixed because I want to be kept updated on any new developments in the Phish reunion thing.  I then went to Jambands.com as there are a couple columns there that I enjoy reading.  No sign of RSS at all.  To continue down the Phish reunion thing, I checked the Phantasy Tour Phish page for the news and rumors links and again, no sign of RSS.  Finally, I went to Relix (knowing they do have feeds) and subscribed to their daily news and rumors feeds (the others just point to articles that are actually in the magazine, which I get at home).

Why is it, in this day and age of information flying at people, that some websites, posting constant updates, don’t have (working) RSS feeds?  Can someone answer this for me?

Are there any music feeds that I should start reading?  Things I enjoy… Phish, new bands, Providence/RI area bands, or just about anything (see my music links on my Links page for a good idea of the type of music I like).

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