More Rock Art

Friday night, it was hot and I wanted something refreshing.  I cracked open my bottle of Rock Art’s Sunny and 75.  It’s classified by BeerAdvocate as a Saison, and that’s exactly what it was (the label said “ale brewed with spices”).  The beer pours a fairly clear grassy yellow/amber color.  It smells of spices and malts with a little yeast.  The taste is crisp and refreshing.  It’s got a nice crisp spiciness to it with a little malty sweetness to balance it out.  It’s got a slight bready flavor, though I didn’t pour any of the yeast into the glass.  It’s a perfect beer for a hot summer afternoon.

This afternoon (since I’m not going anywhere), I cracked open Rock Art’s IPA (II) Double IPA.  I didn’t have high hopes for it as their regular IPA is pretty lackluster, but I was surprised.  It pours a dark cloudy amber with a nice white head.  It smells of hops and nothing but hops.  The hops dominate the flavor as well, but it’s got a nice malt balance to it.  The hops seem to be a mix of pine and grapefruit.  It’s got a nice thick oily mouthfeel, yet it’s quite drinkable.  I’m impressed.

One last note, and this is nothing in depth.  Susan had her bottle of Arcadia’s Scotch Ale on Friday.  I took 1 sip and enjoyed that sip.  I can’t really say much else other than that it’s worth a try.

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