Doherty’s East Ave. Irish Pub

Susan and I decided to check out Doherty’s East Ave. Irish Pub last night after hearing about it from some our beer buddies and reading some of the reviews on BA.  All I have to say is “Wow!”  The place is very unassuming… well, not true.  It’s very assuming.  It looks like a dive sports bar that serves nothing but light beer (though the big “Firkin Wednesdays” sign on the back of the building kind of gives it away).  The inside has all sorts of random stuff on the walls from sports stuff (lots of Red Sox crap) to beer stuff to music stuff, as well as a bunch of local stuff.  In front is the bar area, which was packed with people.  The back has a bunch of tables and is more like a restaurant (and quieter), though there was a projector showing the Mets game last night.

The beer menu is the placemat.  The front has a list of what’s on tap (looked to be 30-40 taps), along with their firkin tapping schedule.  On either side is the new stuff (bottles and draft) and the stuff that’s almost gone (again, bottles and draft).  I thought that was a nice touch.  The back had the bottle list, which I would put at over 100.  The majority of the beer was craft beer.  In fact, aside from a few bigger imports (like Guinness), the draft beer was all craft beer.  I ordered a Rogue Imperial IPA and Susan got the summer Odd Notion from Magic Hat (the grapefruit sour ale we tried at the brewery).

The food menu was impressive and had a wide range of stuff from traditional pub fare to some interesting pasta dishes and a bunch of wraps.  I ordered the Rasta Pasta, which was basically a Caribbean-style pasta dish with jerk chicken and a chipotle sauce.  It had quite the kick.  Susan got the Pasta Jordan, which was basically a Bolognese style pasta dish.  Both came with garlic bread.  The portions were huge, but the food was excellent.  While we were waiting for the food, the waitress brought us some corn muffins, which were also really good.

If you’re in the Providence-Pawtucket area, check out Doherty’s.  It’s worth a stop and, in my opinion, the best beer bar in the state.  Even if they don’t have all the Belgian beers that Track 84 does, they got the food (and I’m biased towards the crazy American beers anyway).

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