Infusco, Old Rusty’s Red Rye, and YuleSmith

The past 3 nights I had a bomber.  I shared most of them with Susan (though tonight was all me, which could lead to some typos).

Two nights ago, I had Infusco from Rock Art, one of the bombers I brought back from Vermont.  It’s a Belgian-style dark ale (or strong dark ale, I’m not looking it up right now).  It was quite different.  It was good, just different.  It had a flavor to it that I couldn’t place and have never had in a Belgian dark or strong dark before.  It was a malty beer with a nice mouthfeel and brown in color.  I liked it.  Susan liked it.  It was 2 nights ago and I just finished a whole bomber of YuleSmith, making it hard to recall.  If you see it, try it.  It’s worth at least a try.

Last night, we split the bottle of Old Rusty’s Red Rye Ale, the latest in Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series.  I wasn’t impressed.  It had a slight spiciness from the rye, but nothing overwhelming.  It lacked a hops character and even the malt was kind of weak.  It was a fairly weak beer all around.  I had tried this on tap on our honeymoon at Mr. Pickwick’s.  The bartender was nice enough to give me a sample.  It was much better on tap than in the bottle.  It’s still worth a try, mainly because it’s local and something a bit different than the norm.

Tonight, I had (as I said before), YuleSmith from AleSmith.  This is their winter version that came out around Christmas.  I picked it up at Julio’s last Friday.  The beer is absolutely wonderful.  It’s a Double IPA, and a really good one at that.  It pours a nice deep amber color with a nice head (my head was huge on this one and I poured slow, even after pouring my second glass almost an hour later, it was a good sized head).  The aroma was of nothing but pure unadulterated hops.  It was bliss.  The beer was perfectly balanced with a lot of hops character.  It had a nice oily mouthfeel, but was very drinkable.  I’m pretty buzzed, but I wouldn’t have known I would be this way while I was drinking it (had I not looked at the bottle to see the alcohol content).  AleSmith is one of those breweries I need to try more often.  I have 2 of their beers in my cellar right now.  I should open them.  Perhaps I can talk Susan into splitting a barleywine with me soon (I have Old Numbskull waiting to be cracked).

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