Rock Art, Harpoon, Rock Art

I’ve been drinking more.  While that might sound bad, that just means I’ve been increasing my one beer per night to 2-3 beers per night.  The reason for this is I just have too much beer.  Since our honeymoon in Vermont, when we came home with about 3 cases of beer, we’ve kind of been on overflow.  An entire shelf in the fridge is dedicated to only beer (though there are a couple bottles of the Smirnoff Twist/Ice variety in the back).  I have beer that needs to get in the fridge lest it goes bad.  The worst part is, Susan, who had asked me not to buy a lot of beer since returning from Vermont sent me a message yesterday asking me to pick up some more!

Anyway, last night I had 3.  The first was Rock Art Whitetail Golden Ale.  It’s a nice light, crisp, and refreshing ale.  It has a nice sweet malty flavor with just enough hops for balance.  It’s crisp and dry and makes for a great summertime beer.  There’s a little fruitiness to it as well.  It’s a very easy drinking, yet nicely flavorful beer.

The second was Harpoon’s Weizenbock from their 100 Barrel series.  Susan and I split it with dinner.  It had a lot of banana flavor to it and was very bready.  It wasn’t my favorite weizenbock, that’s for sure.  I almost dumped part of mine, but I finished it.  I did not, however, help Susan finish her half of the bottle.  I just didn’t like it that much.

The third was Rock Art’s flagship beer, Ridge Runner.  It’s classified as an English Barleywine.  I thought it was just okay, but it definitely got better upon warming.  There were 3 in the mixed 12 pack I bought.  I left one in the fridge and I put the other one down to age for a bit and see what happens.  I imagine it will get a little better with age.

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