Honeymoon Day 1: Long Trail and Quechee Gorge

The first day of my honeymoon was spent driving up to Vermont.  Along the way, we stopped by the Long Trail brewery to have lunch, some beer, and take a little tour.  The brewery is pretty far off I-89 in Bridgewater Corners.  It’s a nice drive (normally, they had the road all torn up to pave it when we drive through).  It takes you through the beautiful little town of Woodstock and over Quechee Gorge.  Upon arrival at Long Trail, we went straight for the food.  We were hungry.  We ordered a sampler of the 6 beers they had on tap and I had the bratwurst and Susan got a chicken sandwich.  Both were really good.  The beer was hit or miss depending on the style.  I love their Long Trail Ale and Double Bag, and their IPA is really good.  I got to try some of their styles I hadn’t had before.  I was not impressed by the Blackberry Wheat.  It was too sweet for me.  The Hefeweizen was actually really good.  The Belgian White was nice on the hot day as well.  They had water and iced tea for free, as well as popcorn.  We each had a glass of water, which was ranked the best drinking water in the state or something like that.  I was impressed.  It was really good water.  The outdoor deck was nice overlooking a little river/brook, though it was very hot outside.  Inside, they had all sorts of cans from around the world and a little history of beers they used to brew (who knew they brewed a stout back in the day, I wish they still did).  Finally, we went upstairs to the self-guided tour area to view the brewing operations.  It was really hot in there, but it was neat to see how they did it.  The brewing equipment was really packed in tight.  I could see why they don’t do guided tours on the brewing floor.  We bought a couple shirts and a glass before we left.

On our way back to the highway, we stopped at Quechee Gorge to take a look.  Holy crap was the bridge high.  The view was amazing and the gorge was pretty cool.  It could’ve been a day trip all by itself hiking down and enjoying it.  However, it was 90+ degrees and we had to get to the hotel in Stowe.  We continued on our way…

Tomorrow, I’ll write up the second day’s activities.

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