I’m Back

I’m back from my honeymoon in Vermont.  We stayed in Stowe, but visited a bunch of other towns, most significantly, Burlington.  I fell in love with Burlington.  That’s all I’ll say right now.  We visited a bunch of breweries and brewpubs and bought waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more beer than we can drink (though we’ll be happy to share… I think we came home with about 2-3 cases worth of beer).  Anyway, I’m back.  I’ll post more about everything at some point (possibly tomorrow after we finish unpacking).  Vermont is officially my favorite state and Burlington is officially my new favorite city.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. first off, Congrats on your wedding! I hope it was fantastic! The Biltmore is a beautiful place.

    I’m a regular reader of yr blog, and I also happen to work for Yankee Spirits’ marketing and PR agency. It is nice to see your fondness for their stores.

    Because I discovered yr blog doing work for Yankee, and stayed a reader because of similar interests (big phish fan, got married last year, our wedding song was Waste, and probably a thousand other things . . . . . .) . . On behalf of Yankee Spirits, wanted to personally invite you to the grand opening of their newest store in Swansea, MA. If you are interested, email for details!
    Congrats again – –


  2. We’ll see about hitting up the Swansea Yankee Spirits. I’m a RI’er, don’t like to travel too far (even the Attleboro store requires a special trip). Will it have a similar beer selection (does Ray do the beer for all 3 stores or just Attleboro)? When’s the Grand Opening?

    I wanted my wedding song to be Waste, but she’s not into Phish (though we made that the last song of the night).

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