Capitol Hill, The Smart Songs, and The Press Project

One of my former student employees told me his band, Capitol Hill (you didn’t think I was talking politics, did you?), was going to be playing at The Living Room last night. I decided to check it out since I had been meaning to see them a few times. They’re a hip hop act with a live band. There are 2 vocalists/rappers (they’re the ones who used to work for me) and a 4 piece band (drum, sax, guitar, bass). I was impressed. They played a mix of originals and covers, and some of the covers were just samples from songs. They played 5 or 6 songs during their short 45 minute set, but they had the small crowd, which was mainly there to see the second band, on their feet and groovin’.

Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free, the 2 rappers, are actually making an album of educational songs for children. You can check that project out at The Smart Songs. The album should be released in July and will be sold through Highlights magazine.

Following their set at The Living Room, we headed to Tazza Caffe to check out The Press Project, a similar hip hop/soul/funk/R&B group from Boston. I was pretty impressed with them. They had Tazza movin’ and groovin’. Their songs were a little smoother and more groove oriented than Capitol Hill. Opening for them was Iveoka, who has a beautiful voice, singing soul and R&B.  They’re playing next Friday at the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain.

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