My New Cellar/Tasting Notes Spreadsheet

I decided to totally geek out today (both beer and computer) and made a spreadsheet (using Google Docs) of the beers currently in my cellar with a sheet that has past beers with some tasting notes.

You can view the spreadsheet here. It’s publicly available for viewing. Here’s a few notes on it. The bottled, best by, and purchased dates are all subject to my memory (in the case of purchased date, though they’re pretty accurate, at least to the month) and what’s written on the bottle. The drink before and drink after dates are all arbitrarily chosen by yours truly. In some cases the bottles only have a year. In others, they have a full date. For those that only give a year and a month, I assumed the first of the month (and in the case of the Moinette, it looks like it says 2.06 on the cork). Still others have some crazy code. BA score is the score on Beer Advocate (rAvg is what I used, easier to sort by that than their letter scores).

I’m open to comments on things I should add, subtract, change, etc. I’m also looking for anyone who knows the following:

  • La Trappe/Koningshoeven bottling/date stamp code.
  • Kasteel bottled on code (the one I have says 070712, took it to mean YYDDMM, because in Europe they put the day before the month).
  • Meaning of the hourglasses on the Russian River label.

Update: I added what I have in my fridge as well. Anything in my fridge is open season, preferably oldest first. I’ll be attempting to update the “Past” sheet as I drink beers (which will only be beers I drink at home). I’ll continue to write posts about each beer as well. Finally, I could also use the Kulmbacher bottle code if anyone knows that.

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