Seriously Bad Elf

Last week, when making my weekly beer run and tasting, I picked up a bottle of Ridgeway’s Seriously Bad Elf on sale for $1.99 (great reduction from the original $6.49).  I had it last night.  The beer is good.  It’s not like most stronger beers in that it’s got a lighter body (I’d call it medium body), but that doesn’t make it bad.  The beer pours a clear amber color, looks like a regular pale ale.  Smells of some malt sweetness, some hops, and some fruitiness as well.  Taste is similar.  It has more of a hops flavor while coolers mixed in with some malty sweetness (I’m thinking caramel malts).  The fruit flavors don’t come through until it warms up a bit.  The 9% ABV is not at all detectable in the taste.  It’s a very easy drinking English ale.

Because of the higher alcohol content, the cheap sale price, and my new interest in aging beers, I’m inquiring with the BA Cellaring group as to how well the beer would age.  If the consensus is good, I’m going to pick up another bottle to age for a year.

Ridgeway releases a bunch of beers in the winter.  They’re all some sort of Bad Elf and increase in alcohol content as they increase in “badness”.  There’s Bad Elf (6%), Very Bad Elf (7.5%), Seriously Bad Elf (9%), Criminally Bad Elf (10.5%), and Insanely Bad Elf (11.2%).  Next year, I’m going to try to get my hands on one of each of these and drink them in consecutive days and compare the differences (the Seriously Bad Elf is the only one that Nikki’s still has, though I suppose I should check out Yankee Spirits at some point).

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