Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

I decided to have a second beer tonight (partly because I wanted it, partly to give myself another empty bottle to save (more on that later, probably this weekend), and partly to make room in my fridge which is 1/4 full of beer right now).  I decided to try Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout.  I picked it up at Nikki’s one night at the recommendation of Mike who said they just got it in.  The beer pours a nice black color with small tan head.  Smells of roasted malt, some chocolate malt, and roasted coffee beans.  Taste was similar.  It has a nice bitter coffee flavor mixed in with a roasted malt flavor and a very slight dark chocolate undertone.  It’s not quite as full bodied as I prefer, but that didn’t take too much away from it.  It was definitely a good session stout, something I would definitely buy again.  If you see it, pick it up.  It’s a seasonal, so it won’t be around all year.

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  1. Empty bottle to save? Sounds like someone has discovered the fine hobby of home brewing! Good for you!

    I started about a year and a quarter ago and I love it. (I’ve got tons of empty bottles, so I know the drill.) It’s a great feeling drinking a really great beer that you actually made yourself, and sharing the beer with friends.

    I’ll have to seek out that Chicory Stout – it sounds interesting.

  2. Well, I was gonna wait to do a post on it after I started, but I got a Mr. Beer kit in a Yankee swap last Christmas (2006) and figured I’d try it out for my first beer (it’s probably the easiest brewing I’ll do). My boss offered me his old equipment (his wife wants him to get rid of it because she prefers store bought beer), so hopefully I’ll have that soon and I can brew a real homebrew. Saturday’s the big day, though there’s no real brewing that would have to be done, just mixing the stuff together and letting it ferment.

    The Chicory Stout was good. It was a little thin, but very flavorful. My next post will be about an awesome stout.

  3. Unfortunately, the store by me with the biggest selection of beer didn’t have the Chicory Stout. The guy said the brewery only put so many cases on the market. Oh, well.

    I’m not sure how good the ingredients in a kit that’s over a year old will be. You might just want to wait until you get your boss’ stuff and get an ingredient kit (Brewer’s Best, Northern Brewer, etc.) from your local home brew supply (or online).

    But, if you do try the Mr. Beer kit, let us know how it turns out.

  4. The Mr. Beer kit is dated. The main ingredients are canned, so they should be good for a while and the “best by” date is the end of 2008.

    Chicory Stout is a seasonal so they probably don’t put out a ton of it.

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