Apple’s Leopard = Microsoft’s Vista?

I came across an article (technically an opinion piece) this morning while reading through Slashdot.  The article basically says that Leopard is just as bad as Vista (calls it Leoptard, which I found amusing).  Now, I have no problem with Vista, so you might think I have no problem with Leopard either.  I disagree with most of what this guy was saying.  However, there were a few things that I did have in common with him.

First, the crashing.  Yes, Leopard crashed once a day on me… before I installed the Parallels update (released earlier this week), which seemed to fix it (though now Parallels crashes on it’s own, but at least it’s not taking the whole OS with it).  That’s probably what this guy is seeing.  I hadn’t seen Leopard crash without having Parallels running.

Second, the eye candy.  Yes, the new Dock is probably annoying to those used to the old Dock.  However, I like it.  I hadn’t used the old Dock regularly enough to get used to it.  I think it’s slick and shiny and nice.  I think the little blue dots that denote the open applications could be a bit darker or more visible, but I don’t have a problem seeing them.  I actually think, when comparing the 2 Docks that the old one is ugly.

Third, the stacks.  Ok, I’ll bite.  They suck.  They’re annoying and I don’t see why that works better than clicking on the Dock icon and just having that folder open in Finder.  I have also found the stacks to be a little less responsive than they should be, even with 4 GB of RAM.

Fourth, consider any .0 release as “beta”.  That’s annoying.  Sure, with Windows, wait until SP1 is released and things are better.  That shouldn’t be the case.  I heard the same thing about OS X.  Wait until the .1 release is available before upgrading.  Why can’t they just make it and have it just work?  I installed 10.5.1 and I didn’t notice a whole lot of changes.  In fact, I had a change that didn’t work at all.  I went to my brother’s house where he has an Airport network, using Apple’s hardware for his wireless network (as opposed to my home network which cost a whole lot less for a Linksys wireless router).  Anyway, I added his network to my preferred networks and saved it.  Big mistake.  I rebooted and the computer wouldn’t allow me to login.  I had to go in via “Safe Mode” (holding Shift while booting), remove the network, and reboot again.  Then it allowed me to boot (only after removing applications that start on startup, like a MS database thing that installed with Office and iTunes Helper, which isn’t an actual application so I couldn’t put it back).  For sake of truly figuring out what it was, I re-added the applications that start on startup and left the wireless network out of there and it worked.  Added the wireless network and it didn’t work.  Perhaps Leopard just doesn’t like Airport networks?  I have my wireless network saved and it starts up and logs in and connects to the network just fine.

Finally, I’m still waiting for better Active Directory integration.  The Apple people I’ve spoken with say “It just works”.  It doesn’t.  There are things that still just do not work properly (like giving me all my network drives without having to map them myself, I only get my personal drive, but not the department shared drive unless I map it myself, which I did permanently in the Dock).

I would have to say that most of his problems are stupid whining and the crashing is probably related to use of Parallels.  He should download the update and it should then work just fine.  However, since I also have few issues with Vista, I guess I’d say, sure it’s like Vista, but neither are overly problematic.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s Leopard = Microsoft’s Vista?”

  1. hello

    i ran across your blog on the belmont station website.

    i’ve been using windows and linux for several years and just got a macbook pro this summer. i upgraded to leopard the day it was released.

    i think the reason any .0 can be considered the last ‘release candidate’ (calling it a beta is a bit harsh) is due to the lack of testers prior to release. it’s hard to find every problem the os might encounter with a limited testing audience. once the release is made, the masses with their extra apps and peripherals find problems not otherwise encountered.

    as far as stacks go, i started using a free add-on called ‘hierarchical dock’. it makes folders act almost like they did on tiger – except you can’t drag n drop to them. it looks like 10.5.2 will have a hierarchical view as an option from a leak from the latest 10.5 build.

    for your alt-tab complaint, get the add-on ‘witch’. it uses option-tab to switch between every window and even ‘hidden’ apps.

    my biggest complaint about my mbp is the lack of dedicated forward delete, home, end, page up, and page down keys.

  2. The lack of those keys is the biggest issue I have as well. While at work, I have an external Apple keyboard attached that has all the keys as well as the number pad. The forward delete is nice, but the biggest issue I have is with the home and end keys. When working on something in Firefox (like typing in this text box), they page up and down rather than bring me to the beginning or end of the line. Same when working in Dreamweaver and most other apps. It’s really annoying.

    And I tried witch, but couldn’t figure out how to customize it, so I’ve gotten used to the nuances that it would have replaced.

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