Google’s Presentation Software Comes Up Very Short

There’s a nice article over on Slate (via Slashdot) about how Google’s presentation software doesn’t even come close to the much loathed MS PowerPoint.   The biggest reasons behind this are the following:

  • Google’s software only works with an active internet connection.  While you can save them as HTML files, you can’t edit them.  This means that you can’t edit them on the plane when flying to a customer to make a sales presentation.
  • PowerPoint offers a whole lot more in the way of customization, including animations; drawing on the slides; custom templates, fonts, colors, etc.; different types of slide transitions.

The only thing that Google offers that PowerPoint does not is live collaboration.  However, as I reported before, MS is releasing something in the near future that will allow for that.  While I said it comes up short, that only applies for people who aren’t already using MS Office.

However, the ultimate presentation software, according to the article is Apple’s Keynote.  The reason being that it offers even more fine tuning over PowerPoint.  While I seem to be an Apple hater based on previous posts, that is very far from the truth.  Keynote is a pretty impressive piece of software.

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