2 “Gadgets” I want

I saw 2 things come through today on Boing Boing Gadgets that seemed pretty cool to me.

The first is a very small and inexpensive laptop, the Asus Eee PC.  It’s now available at Newegg.com.  It’s a ultra portable laptop with a 7″ widescreen display.  It has an Intel Centrino processor running at 900 MHz (which may not seem fast, but apparently it’s fast enough).  It has 512 MB of RAM and a 4 GB solid state hard drive.  It doesn’t sound like it’d be a powerhouse, but it runs Linux, which handles older or less powerful hardware better than Windows.  Apparently, the only drawback to it is that the keyboard is smaller, but not too difficult to use.  It would make for a great second computer or portable to take with you on the road to get on the web and do some smaller tasks.  It’s $400.  I also read that they’re going to supply an 8 GB solid state hard drive and a 2 GB version with 256 MB of RAM for those worried about the cost.

The other one is a bag strap that has built-in bungee cords, called Superbungee Strap from Skooba.  The idea is that the strap will take more of the strain off your back than the standard static straps that come with most bags (specifically laptop bags).  I have this issue where I get a sharp pain in my right hip.  I carry my laptop bag on my left shoulder and tend to lean to hold it up.  While I should probably just switch sides, I find it more comfortable on the left.  I think this strap would take some of that strain off of me.  It might also help if I ever decide to start walking to work (or at least to the bus stop/station and take the bus to work).  Unfortunately, the strap is $26.  Hopefully they’ll start including it on some bags (though I do like the bag I use everyday, which I happened to get for free, though it does say “Dell” on it, but it also says ResNet).

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