Blind Faith, the beer, not the band

In addition to the Gueuze I had tonight, I decided to have another, which ended up being Magic Hat’s Blind Faith, an English IPA. Now I’m normally used to the hoppy flavor of American IPA’s, which has a nice bitterness. I wasn’t impressed by this one, but I don’t know if I was simply expecting the same as a nice American IPA or if it just isn’t that good. I’d like to think the former because Magic Hat tends to be known for their beers (though I have yet to have one I was really thrilled with, except for a porter they had, which I’m not sure they still make).

Anyway, the beer pours like your standard IPA, amber in color with a decent head. The smell is hops, but not the piney/citrusy hops I am used to. It’s a bit more muted. The flavor is bitter, but a different kind of bitter. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but something didn’t seem right (perhaps it was the fact that this bottle came from the back of the shelf and had some dust on it, making it a little too old). The bitterness definitely came from the hops and there were malt flavors to balance it out, but something still tasted a bit off.

I’d rate this pretty low, though I would try it again. I really need to start over with Magic Hat. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot because people seem to love them. Perhaps I’ll buy one of their mix packs at some point soon (either that or grab all the singles I can find at Nikki’s).

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