Sony Announces New, Cheaper PS3… but they still don’t get it

Sony announced a new model of the Playstation 3 today that will be cheaper.  They recently reduced the price of the model with an 80 GB hard drive to $499 from $599, basically eliminating the 60 GB model which cost $499.  The new model will have a 40 GB hard drive and sell for $399.  The big difference, though, is that the new model will not be backwards compatible with Playstation 2 games.  Sony’s reasoning is that there will be an extensive line of games for the PS3.

While Sony is trying to boost their sales with cheaper models, they just aren’t getting it and will not overcome or come close to the sales of Nintendo’s Wii or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  If they were planning on releasing a model to sell for $399, they should have just lowered the price of the 60 GB model rather than introduce something completely new that’s “broken” out of the box.  The price difference between a 40 GB and a 60 GB hard drive is negligible in this case and the backwards compatibility is based mainly on software, which they already have written.  So why break it?  If someone wants a new Playstation and wants the ability to play both PS2 and PS3 games, they would either need to purchase the more expensive model of the PS3 or own both a PS3 and a PS2.  I just don’t see the point in selling this new model when they already had the 60 GB model that could do everything the 80 GB could for $100 less.

I have been boycotting Sony products for some time now because of the copy protection on their CD’s that installed a rootkit on your computer when you tried to play it.  Now I am continuing the boycott simply because Sony is just making stupid decisions and obviously doesn’t like their customers.

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  1. I am wit’ you. I have a P2 I purchased for $150. NWIH I am spooning over for a P3 that won’t play all the games I just bought. I will go for a WII. What a total failure pile in a bowl of sadness.

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