Stone Ruination IPA

Having the night to myself last night, I decided I’d crack open the bottle of Stone’s Ruination IPA. I drank it with dinner (and then after because it was a 22 oz. bomber). My thoughts basically say “Wow! This is one awesome beer!” I had reviewed Great Divide’s Hercules Double IPA a week or so ago. This one was on par with it.

The beer pours a slightly cloudy amber color, about the same color of most regular IPAs (most double IPAs are a bit darker because of the extra malt). The head was a nice thick 2 finger head that diminished pretty quickly. Smells were of piney, citrusy hops, though not very strong. The taste and drinkability are what make this beer awesome. The flavor is of those piney, citrusy hops, but there’s also a sweet malt aspect to it as well. I noticed some slight caramel malt flavor in there. The flavor is perfectly balanced between the hops and malt. It’s not a terribly bitter beer, making it very drinkable. One other thing I’ve noticed about double IPAs is that they tend to be a bit on the heavy side. This one, at 7.7% ABV, wasn’t overly heavy. I didn’t even notice the alcohol in the taste or in my head. Because it wasn’t a heavy beer, it was easy drinking (something that I couldn’t say about Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA).

If you like IPAs (or even regular pale ales), this one is definitely worth trying.

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