Internet Radio to Hit the Road

It looks like Internet radio is going to make a change and hit the road.  Slacker, an Internet radio site, has announced that they have a portable Internet radio player in the works.  It’s not like your standard MP3 play though.  Instead, it connects to Slacker and plays your personalized radio stations for you.  It updates itself via built-in Wi-Fi.

This is something I think I might actually be interested in purchasing.  I have an iPod Mini that was lost and never claimed for almost a year.  I just need a dock for it so I can put my own music on it.  I’m not sure that I’d really use it though.  However, an Internet radio device would be quite nice.  I like listening to the radio because you’re never sure what you’re gonna get and it can introduce you to new music.  This would be great.  I love being introduced to new music, but I don’t actively seek it out and I don’t like to sit at my computer for long periods of time just to listen to music (currently the only way I can listen to Internet radio as I don’t have it hooked up to my stereo at all).  So generally, it’s either music I pick from CDs I own or music that the corporate radio stations pick for me, which is usually repetitive suckiness.  A device like this would be nice as I’d be able to sync it up to get the station from and then hook it up to my car stereo and listen to it in the car.  It’d be an alternative to monthly fees for satellite radio (though I do wish I had Sirius in my car, but I don’t have the money to pay another monthly fee just to listen to the radio).   I really hope this device actually gets released and doesn’t become vaporware.

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  1. I’m not one that’s huge on music, but I do have an iPod (4th generation, 40GB) that I’ve had since November of 2004. Since it has an actual mechanical hard drive, I’ve had no end to the issues of it getting just a little bit too jostled and losing the songs or becoming corrupt. However, it’s biggest use has been in the office for when I want to listen to music or when I’m driving long distances (using an FM transmitter). Also, since my brother, wife, and her sister have worked or are working at the local record store, I’ve had plenty of access to new music if I so desire it. It’s part of the reason I got hooked on The Go! Team.

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