More iPhone Goodness (or badness, depending on who you ask)

Here’s some more iPhone news, and of course, my opinions on it all.

A class-action lawsuit was filed in California and is currently seeking plaintiffs.  If you live in California and want to get in on this go to the official lawsuit website.  You are a member of the class if you want to transfer your iPhone to a different carrier, if your iPhone bricked when you upgraded it, Apple refused to honor the warranty on your phone because you either unlocked it or installed third party software, you paid an early termination fee with your carrier to switch to AT&T to use the iPhone, you paid for a third party extended warranty to cover your unlocked iPhone, or you incurred roaming charges when you used your iPhone abroad.  If you fit into any of these (and anyone can really fit into the first category), you should really get on board and try to get this class action suit spread nationwide.  Apple needs to know how we feel.

Of course, if our laws were more like France, Belgium, and a bunch of other European countries, there would be no need for this lawsuit.  Apparently Apple fans in those countries won’t be seeing the iPhone anytime soon because they have laws against selling cell phones that are locked to a single carrier.  We need laws like this in our country, of course that’ll never happen because Congress sleeps with the corporations rather than do things to help the people who elect them.  They vote based on who gives them money (and dinners and other fun stuff) rather than the people they actually represent and elect them.  It really is quite annoying.  I love the service Verizon Wireless offers, but I hate their phones (though I do like my new Chocolate, but I wish it had full functionality).

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