Great Divide Hercules Double IPA

I decided to crack open my 22 oz. bomber of Great Divide’s Hercules Double IPA tonight. At 9.1% ABV, this is a big beer. And with this big beer comes big flavor. Of the double IPA’s I’ve had, this one is definitely my favorite (at least of the standard flavor double IPA’s… Victory’s Hop Wallop is in a different class because of its super hoppiness). Anyways, this beer pours a nice amber color with a decent head (I probably would’ve had more head if it was a bit warmer when I poured it). It is also not cloudy like their Titan IPA. The smells are of mainly malty goodness, but there’s a bit of a piney citrusy hops scent as well.

The taste and drinkability are where it’s at. This beer is a perfectly balanced double IPA. The flavors up front are of the sweet malts, perhaps some caramel malt. Down in back, you get the tingle of the hops, piney and citrusy, like the scent. Though the alcohol content is high, you don’t know it in the flavor. It feels a bit thicker and heavier, but that’s to be expected. I have easily drunk most of this glass (and I still have about half the bottle left). This beer is pure pleasure. If you like IPA’s and you want to move onto bigger beers, this is a great start and finish (though I would still recommend trying more and more). I have definitely found my favorite double IPA.

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