GIMP 2 for Photographers

Being a GIMP user and an aspiring amateur photographer (just for fun in my spare time), I found this book review pretty nice. The book is called, obviously, GIMP 2 for Photographers. While most photographers, professional and amateur alike, use Adobe Photoshop and most photography magazines and books refer to Photoshop, GIMP provides a nice alternative with almost all the features for 100% less than the cost of Photoshop (which costs more than most digital cameras, even some digital SLR’s). Yes, GIMP is free software. It’s available for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux, giving you nice cross-platform availability. It’s my photo/image editor of choice (I gave up on pirated copies of software when I was had the money to buy them or found free and open source software to replace them, GIMP is one of them). GIMP is released under the Gnu Public License, meaning you can download the source code and edit it if you want, so long as you include the source code if you ever distribute your custom coded GIMP. I may have to go find myself a copy of this book (which includes the GIMP software). It’s about $20 at Amazon (a lot cheaper than the cost of Photoshop, which starts at $100 for the cut back Photoshop Elements and goes to $650 for Photoshop CS3).

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